After “Avengers Final” new Loki showed

After the release of the superhero movie Avengers Final, fans were shown a new actor in the role of Loki, who will replace Tom Hiddleston after the Loki series for the movie universe Marvel.

Tom Hiddleston (Tom Hiddleston) in the role of Loki became one of the most beloved characters among the audience of the film universe Marvel, but because the death of the hero in “Avengers: Infinity War” was a real shock for many. According to, in Avengers: Final, the creators returned Loki from another alternative universe, and this hero will become the central character in the new Loki series. At the same time, for Hiddleston this may be the last appearance in the role of Loki, as the authors for some time are looking for a replacement for the actor. Since, as in the comics, Loki can change his form, this transformation can become the central plot of the future series, in which Loki’s change will be explained.

It is known that after “Avengers 4 Final” in the series “Loki” should show the hero in his youth. According to new data, the role of young Loki instead of Hiddleston is considered a young actor Finn Wolfhard (Finn Wolfhard) from the series “Very Strange Things” from Netflix. It is noted that while the actor is a likely candidate, but so far they are not negotiating with him, and a final decision has not yet been made.

According to the plot of the series “Loki”, at some point, the hero will have to take the form of himself in his youth, and for unknown reasons, he will not be able to return to his true guise. Therefore, after the Loki series, viewers at the MCU will follow the adventures of the updated version of the character, and Hiddleston will leave this role. It is interesting that earlier on the network there was already information that after “The Avengers Final” Loki wants to make a girl, and actress Sofia di Martino is considered for this role.

The release of the Loki series is planned only for 2023, and therefore the filming of the project has not yet begun, and all the actors are not approved. According to, the new Loki series will be one of many multi-part projects in which familiar characters from the movie Avengers Final will appear.