41% of gaming PCs are based on AMD processors – review

Company Jon peddie research together with Antikythera intelligence and researchas well as a resource Wccftech conducted a survey of users in the USA, UK and some other countries. A total of 143,264 answers were given to 26 questions. Although the survey was conducted back in October, the data was published only yesterday.

As a result, it turned out that 41% of respondents use processors AMD in gaming computers. Obviously, the remaining 59% is accounted for Intel.

Video card share NVIDIA is 55%. Of these, 27% are cards RTX Turing, and 12% – GTX Turing. The remaining gamers use older models. Data on the share of certain AMD Radeon models is not yet provided.

Thus, although it’s too early to talk about equality between AMD and Intel, the Reds are actively catching up with the “Blue”, because they provide comparable performance at a much lower price. The same situation in the server segment has already forced Intel to lower prices for its products.