EA press conference at gamescom 2017: Soccer, Space and the Russian Empire

Arts has of Electronic – one of the few companies who decided to arrange for a full gamescom 2017 conference. And though there were no particular surprises, to see all the same it was something.

In case you missed …

No surprises

Nothing unexpected, such as the mysterious of Star Wars projects, “electronics” are not shown.
Many activities on EA joke – because of the huge amount of tedious speeches and inserts pro sports simulators. But this time was no exception: FIFA 18  even showed plainly, restricting only at the beginning of the trailer. And the rest of the show about the various simulations are not remembered, and focused on very different games.

Football on the show was unexpectedly small.
The main project of the company predictably became Star Wars: Battlefront 2 , and this time with an eye on space battles, because in the first part of their many lacked. Employees of the Criterion , engaged mode, showed short movie and about ten minutes of gameplay with a story about the mechanics.

Interplanetary battle in Battlefront from the DICE .
In short: the ships are divided into classes, and to win you need to destroy one after (or protect) the vital objects such as generators boards of large ships. The best players are, as before, will get access to the characters. It’s funny that in space, in addition to the good old “Millennium Falcon” with Han Solo, was a place and Yoda, and Darth Maul and Vader, and even Demeronu.
Feels like it all turned out to be much like Battlefront 2  , 2005 only, of course, more beautiful and deeper.

Roller turned even the standard, but still perky.
We should demonstrate a very expensive “live” video, dedicated to a brand new BMW M5 and its special place in the Up Need for Speed: Payback . In it the DTM champion Bruno Spengler scorcher on the “top five” and frightened the game producer.
On the screen the events center peretok smoothly to the stage, after which we were shown a trailer of the project, dedicated to the pursuit. Clip is not that inventive, but a little crazy, and in a good stupid. In the style of the last parts of “Fast and the Furious” .

Despite all the demonstrations, Payback – still a dark horse.
After a series of long-lived is the time to another: EA undertook of The Sims . Girl from Maxis talk a little bit about the future of “Sims” on different platforms, as well as “unexpected” announcement: In the fourth part finally appear cats and dogs. For a fee, of course. So it is November 10 dress up animals in silly outfits can be, not only in reality but also in The Sims 4 . Once again to show the public how it’s cool, brought to the stage a real dog. It was nice, but it looked a little strange.

Produce content in pieces – a kind of tradition of EA and The Sims developers.
Not without another initiative already familiar EA’s Originals , in which previously showed Unravel  and A Way Out . This time, however, surprise could not: brought long ago was announced of Fe , which, though the impression of a nice “soul” of the game, but still not impressive. Especially after Ori and the Blind Forest .

Despite the developer’s attempt to convey to the audience how the project is important for him, the game itself is almost never takes the soul. Perhaps because of the similarity with many other indie, perhaps – because of the uncertain visual style.
And showed us the traditional EA multiplayer game, this time on the Battlefield 1 . The idea itself is controversial – look at dozens of minutes in each other’s shoot some people are not familiar to you, is not that interesting. But this time, the company can be forgiven: the events unfolded on the territory of the Russian empire for what was curious to watch. Snow looked dilapidated city is very convincing, and fighting between the forces of red and white.

A dream come true of many Russian-speaking players.
In addition, the developers have talked about the new competitive “Invasion” mode, where the relatively small maps can keep fighting 5 on 5. It is focused on the competitive players, and the final test will be held in September.
If we forget about the stereotypes, “In the name of the king” makes an impression on atmospheric DLC rarity.
The final chord was the announcement of a fresh edition of Battlefield 1, called Revolution . It includes the already released DLC and what is still only preparing to release. For example, the addition of “In the name of the king”, which will appear in September and is scheduled for December , “Waves of Change” and the final “Apocalypse” – it is expected in the beginning of next year.
At this event ended. Although neither exciting news, not the long-awaited new piece of Anthem  is not brought here although would not want to sleep, unlike the show the Microsoft . But there is still time for surprises. After all, gamescom is just beginning: the official opening of the exhibition is scheduled for 22 August. There will certainly be a lot of interesting things, which we will tell you in detail.