Enter the Gungeon

What element are we talking about? Well of the “mandanga”, sirloin, one of the most important aspects of the game: weapons . Yes, because we can not understand this production of Dodge Roll without mentioning the arsenal that we can obtain when we inspect the precious treasures that hide inside the dungeons in which we must enter.


It’s a real party, crazy about guns. Titles such as the Ratchet and Clank saga or, even more recently, Broforce have delighted us with truly incredible arsenals. Well, both works pale in comparison to what this dungeon crawler offers us in that same category. Dozens of weapo


ns (more than 100) can be wielded by one of the various characters that come together in the game. There is everything! Rifles, pistols, a kind of Ghostbusters rays, bows and arrows, grenade launchers, cut of great destructive capacity, explosives of all kinds … And that we do not want to mention other more curious and imaginative to not ruin the surprise!



We are facing one of those games that do not forgive the untrained players

Maybe some of you are thinking that, due to this amazing offensive power that we have, adventure is what we usually call “a walk”. Error! You can go arming with patience, cool your head and warm your hands properly because we are facing one of those

games that do not forgive the untrained players. The numerous members of the so-called Cult of the Gundead , our enemies in this odyssey, are authentic examples of heaviness and efficiency when it comes to eliminating us. Do you think our characters are well armed? Well, they more.


In the purest style of what happens in some dual stick shooters, in many rooms of the labyrinthine areas of play that we walk are “feted” with waves of shots that sometimes occupy almost the entire screen. Authentic “bullet hell” skirmishes of which we can only


escape in two ways: by miracle or by using the technique of rolling on the ground (dodge roll in English, the same name of the studio). When we perform this action, our character becomes invincible during certain moments of it, so the “timing” becomes one of our main allies when it comes to getting out of each ambush alive.


Enter the Gungeon analysis

Cooperative fun

As you can see, this is a title full of action. From a zenithal perspective we must go surpassing not only monsters of different kinds, but also fire traps, blades and other obstacles that make life impossible for us. As we have already warned you, the level of challe

nge that this work holds is what you can expect in relation to its genre, although this one softens somewhat if we choose to squeeze another of the great qualities that the title possesses: the cooperative mode to doubles .


Enter the Gungeon

As we move forward we can get really striking and powerful weapons, like this one that we show you here.

Two characters can collaborate in the same console to eliminate the hordes of opponents while they advance in the labyrinthine decorations, which are generated procedurally in each new session with the title. What does not change is the final boss who wait


s for us when we reach the last room of each place we visit, which as you can imagine is really complicated to eliminate. The problem is that this cooperative modality is only local , at least in the version we have played. We do not know if in the future they will launch a patch enabling online mode, but for the time being it has been a pity that said network option has not been integrated at the start.


Enter the Gungeon PC

Sometimes our only way out to avoid being harmed by a shot from our opponents is to roll on the ground and calculate that maneuver perfectly.

It’s a real party, a crazy thing about weapons

Leaving this last factor aside, until now everything works perfectly, and that we have not yet commented on all the ingredients that make up the gameplay of the title. As a good dungeon crawler, there is also room for marketing and interaction with nume

rous objects . And attentive, that sometimes it is possible to combine these items (like cigarettes, for example) with some weapons to create even big
ger explosions or cause more devastating havoc among rivals. Likewise, we also want to highlight the sense of humor(very black many times) distills the adventure, a factor that undoubtedly “sweetens” somewhat. And we can not fail to mention its great replayability, as its random sets adds the diversity of eligible characters, which enjoy slight differences.


To all this that we have just commented it is necessary to mean its excellent control , which is as simple as could be expected and responds perfectly. And finally, their production values ​​are quite decent, highlighting above all the sensational aesthetic line and the fluidity to which the action is developed.