Yo-Kai Watch 2

The narrative antecedent and subsequent sequencing have not been altered: Nathan (the default name that can be changed at will) after the events of the first episode, he masters his Yo-Kai Watch and has learned to live with his friends in everyday life, but during the following summer holidays, three mischievous Yo-kai, from the appearance of elders, from the semblance of elders, steal our memory and precious watch in the middle of the night.
On awakening, of course, the protagonist resumes his life as usual, resuming, as in a loop, all the events that led him to meet Whisper, Jibanyan and all the friends of the first adventure: with this, therefore, will be three times that the most affectionate players of the brand will be called to relive the same initial stages of play, with all that this entails.
Though the plot has never been at the center of the gaming experience offered by the Level 5 product, it regrets this laziness on the part of the development team, for the interweaving of the first chapter, however simple, was charme and knew how to appreciate it, especially from younger players.
At the beginning, a strong sense of deja vu, however, they counteract a handful of new cutscene sparse along the main story, and, if memory does not deceive us, the enrichment of some animated scenes preexisting with unpublished pieces, at least for the territory European.
We also note the presence of a new pair of exclusive Psicospasher missions, a pair dedicated to Whisper, inseparable coprotagonist, useful to deepen his figure and make it likely to be even more appealing to franchise fans – nothing memorable but obviously love of the development team for their creature also emerge from these seemingly secondary details.
Revised, corrected and expanded … but not too much
An old adage says “winning team does not change” and in fact, considering the bingo and the animated series to take to the video game here also in Italy, the Yo-Kai Watch brand has become part of the series of favorite titles from younger video game players, and as such, did not need great distractions either at gameplay or visual presentation.
Psycospasers now reveal a very conservative chapter, which can not afford to change the cards in the table with respect to Spiritossi and Polpanime, but plays the bigger and better card, adding content in the form of new bosses, new Yo-Kai to make friends and new locations to visit.
Leaving the simple but frantic combat system unchanged, and the mechanics that regulate the capture of Yo-Kai, which are still taken for the throat, offering them the favorite food, Level 5 is rather focused on content, expanding Yo- Kai Blasters, who now boasts three unpublished bosses, and adds to the dungeon and unedited Yo-kai formulas, so to wrench the collector’s itchy conspiracy.
In this regard, the franchise’s most affectionate fans will appreciate the opportunity to become friends with fifteen Yo-Kai spectra, previously faced in combat but not enlisted in the ranks of their team: their abilities and the peculiar way they behave on the battlefield make them a welcome addition to the already-rostered roster, and we are sure that those who completed the basic title will rush to look for them.
Of the dozens of totally unpublished secondary missions mentioned by Whisper, we particularly appreciated what reveals the origins of Darknyan, behind which, surprisingly, there is a discreet work of writing as much as we enjoyed the exclusive dungeons for all the owners of one of the two basic titles.
We had on our console the rescue data of Spiritossi’s review, and these, once recognized by the software, gave us access to a couple of unpublished labyrinths, however, from the average difficulty above (indeed very low) of the rest of the game .
Extend the list of novelties to a number of new locations to be visited, among which the Village Gera Gera deserves a special mention, and five boss fight unseen hidden among the folds of the many missions faced: the completers and all those who boast of having made friends with all the Yo-Kai present in Spiritossi and Polpanime, in short, they will have a lot to see and play, though the feeling of deja-vu is predominant in certain shades.