Xenoblade Chronicles X

Probably, Xeno series of games have been made by Nintendo as a response to the accusations: “You there solid Mario, Zelda yes.” I’ve recently seen an amusing description of the original Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii sometime in the comments on YouTube: “I was looking for any RPG on the Wii, so without Mario or Zelda. Found!”.

In general, Xenoblade Chronicles, that the “X” that the previous one – it is the same “brand” for the Nintendo game like Super Mario 3D World, or The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker, only in a completely different – more realistic, while still fantasy universe, where the “cartoon” trans-sonazhey – only furry midgets nopony (Nopon), and even those are rare.


2054-th year. Not far from the planet Earth decided to find a relationship between two highly-advanced alien race. As a result of their “Star Wars” Earth was destroyed. Similarity-th outcome of the events anticipated humans, so the program on the immediate evacuation of the entire population in the vast arks was created.

However, not many arks were able to even leave the earth’s atmosphere. We have to watch the fate of the crew of the ark “White Whale» (White Whale) – which was hit near an unknown planet, having to enter it in the field of gravity.

The collapse of the “White Whale” survived not all of its inhabitants. Their capsule scattered across the globe, many have died, but the survivors founded the city of New Los Angeles at the crash site of the main housing of the module and continue to search for the capsules in the hope of finding alive tribesmen, still being in kriosne.


New Los Angeles. The car can not sit, alas. And in general, they are pro-Ride through the characters. 

Earthlings who have become strangers for an unknown planet (it was called the World – / Mira /), have to get used to the local flora and fauna, as well as win in mortal combat on vyzhi, availability of other, far less friendly strangers.


If you’ve never played in Xenoblade Chronicles, the addiction to Xenoblade Chronicles X may not be so simple.

XCX – it jRPG or “Japanese role-playing game.” It does not Japanese because the Japanese made, but because in the Japanese tradition of role-playing games. But do not worry, this does not mean continuous Kawai everywhere nyakayuschih hellou-kitty and provocative school girls in miniskirts with huge eyes. Go-Vorya style we mean the gameplay itself. Although the outside of the characters still “yaponschinoy” gave-gm, but in moderation.


Draw the Japanese women’s bodies have always been able

So, what are typical jRPG? First of all, well-developed social structure. European RPG, as a rule, do not care about the relationship between the characters. In the same Baldur’s Gate could pick up a party of any type of questionable and easy to fight with him side by side with only a small penalty on morale. In jRPG in general, and in Xenoblade Chronicles X in particular, the effectiveness of battle command is highly dependent on the relationship of characters – and this part will have to devote time, “pumping” social ties on a par with the rest.

Fight is not a step by step (in contrast to the considerable number of jRPG), but kind. In many ways, the battle system reminds MMORPG – characters automatically attack, and in manual mode, you can use special skills ( «Arts» in the game), the effectiveness of which depends on the situation on the battlefield: the mutual arrangement of the hero and the monster level of morality and numerous other parameters.


Fight with the monster. Followed below – skills.

Another important aspect jRPG – schematic movement on the world map. Despite the fact that the graphic characters are formally incorporated into the landscape (the beauty of which we sing odes – he of dos Toin), yet their involvement in what is happening around the limited meeting with the NPC, the monsters, but different objects that abundantly strewn everywhere.


Incidentally, this is – the gateway to the drenching. Really!

In the same through the European The Elder Scrolls (either in general, but let’s talk about Skyrim) character interacts with the outside world is much denser: picks herbs and berries, is-to be the cave to the smallest box / boxes / bags (underline) , fleeced to the skin in the way of the fallen enemies. But in Xenoblade Chronicles X is now not even injured by a fall from a pain Scheu-height (maybe it’s for the better).