However, XCOM 2 – this is not a direct continuation of Enemy Unknown. Studio Firaxis ignored the ending of the last game, and turned everything upside down. In one of the early missions, you will learn that after Enemy Unknown events twenty years have passed, and the organization XCOM was virtually wiped out by aliens in the first months of the war.

You – commander of the organization – twenty years were held captive by the evil aliens, which scrolls continuously in his head, tactical simulation and teach newcomers the tactics of war with the people. I mean, yes, you have correctly understood – Event Enemy Unknown talk about how players help newcomers overcome humanity. Albeit against his will.

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Twenty years under the heel of the invaders have not been for humanity and the Earth a gift, that’s only at first it seems that you are deceiving. Towering skyscrapers everywhere, people get free medical care, and everything seems to be happy.

However, the Resistance fighters – XCOM former members and newcomers just disgruntled people – believe that behind this beautiful facade lies a terrible thing that threatens the fate of humanity worse than slavery. Relieving the commander (ie you) from the captivity of the organization “Advent” Resistance declares war on the aliens.

In this case, if the original XCOM members repelled the attack of the enemy, but now everything is exactly the opposite – people attack the aliens. Forces on a full war have no resistance, so the “flying squad” XCOM constantly organizing guerrilla attacks: will blow up the factory here, there robbed the convoy is to fly to any city in broad daylight and steal a high-ranking official “Advent”.

Sit as before, and count the stars will not work – you have to rush all over the map, scanning the various points and all the forces trying to thwart the evil plans of “Advent”. This helps you a new mobile XCOM base – “The Avengers.”

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By itself, the “Avenger” is little different from the base of the preceding paragraph. The main difference – is its mobility and much smaller.

However, the principle of development base is not changed, you also clears space for compartments enlist engineers and scientists and make sure that the lab always something investigated.

Immediately met and the first of the small but important differences in the second part of the original.

Compartments “Avenger” from the debris on their own are not cleared away, and inside the room without engineers do not work all that well, and because you need engineers as air.

The trouble is that the world is captured by the aliens, very few scientists and engineers are in resistance, so you need to carefully “monitor” the mission and recruit them as soon as possible.

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But the search for personnel – a drop in the sea, the current challenges you will have plenty. Ranging from the banal scan in search of discarded resistance money (yes, remember that once the money is delivered to you directly – they need to take their own) and ending with the destruction of another “Advent” of the plant.

Sometimes you will toss the mission the guerrillas, sometimes your own intelligence unit will offer the sabotage of individual regions “Advent”.

And sometimes the aliens themselves, not waiting for your action, start a punitive operation against the civilian population, and then you will have to fly them to stop.

Here, since the first part is almost nothing has changed, except that the missions themselves became more, and on the global map now has something to do.

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The authors did not forget about the innovations. Each month, reconnaissance unit will provide information to you about what the aliens are going to do. In total they have three types of actions – from bonus to soldiers in the form of a pair of armor units to UFOs that roam the skies in search of your vehicle. –

Your task is to decide which of the actions of aliens do not you like the most, and then rip it. Due to the fact that every month you can cancel only one project alien mission periodically changed almost entirely, and you cursing, start looking for another way to counter the machinations of the aliens.

The biggest problem – it’s mysterious project “Avatar”, which the aliens in full swing trying to implement. In all, this project readiness twelve points, and if you run everything – then you are likely to lose. So besides the usual missions you sometimes need to be distracted and fly somewhere, where aliens have constructed another plant, and take it apart brick by brick.

Moreover, the difficulty in the fact that one or two of the plant the freshly delivered no problems. But if there will be three pieces, and you will regularly pass the job of the Resistance, where the award contains “stop the progress of the project” Avatar “,” only then will have to press the “New Game”.

Consider also the fact that disrupt the project – it is impossible. This, of course, it is distracting, but if you do not throw the subversive operations in the beginning of the game, and will not cause any problems.

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soldier classes were also tweaked some of the popular capacity – thrown away and replaced by something new. Skills like “Surveillance cameras” a sniper generally passed into the category of items.

With them, incidentally, in all 2 XCOM easier than ever before: after examining the new armor or weapons are guaranteed to get the items to those who know how to handle them.

There are three basic technological level, each of which gives a significant boost to damage and “survival” command.

Except perhaps that become exoskeletons, flamethrowers and other experimental weapons. All these things are developed separately and are manufactured individually, and they cost a decent amount of time and resources, but at the same time greatly increase your team (and therefore invested resources, no doubt, stand).

Soldiers develop as before – for pumping affect the killing in battle. Each title provides certain bonuses, some at first seem completely useless. But it is only at first glance – even a sniper skills, oriented to own a gun, in certain situations, can save the lives of party members.

The choice of skills now resembles a choice of specialization in any RPG. The Heavy can become a professional demolition and learn how to throw a grenade at a large distance, inflicting great damage. Or focus on the possession of a machine gun.

Support Soldier chooses between a physician and a hacker, and are useful in combat both branches, as the aliens and much damage, and robotic units also missing.

Apart from all this are psionics that are pumped separately (on a ship), and have a huge number of different useful capabilities such as instant freeze the enemy for one turn or the ability to avoid death when receiving fatal damage. Well, or you can just pick up and subdue the enemy soldiers to his will – is also working on “hurray”.