Next Generation Basketball: The City Mode And More In NBA 2K22 Trailer

Publisher 2K Games released a new trailer NBA 2K22featuring The City’s open-world mode combined with the story campaign in Career. It will be presented at Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S

  • New missions in The City mode will be a solo adventure for players who can experiment with careers and outside the sports field, trying themselves as a fashion mogul or rap artist.
  • The population of the city has increased and now it is full of life. New NPCs will help recreate the atmosphere of the city.
  • You can upgrade your home – how about a penthouse with a cable car that leads to the right parts of the city? Home plays an important role in the MyCareer mode. This is the place where coaches and friends will give players new tasks.
  • Explore new builds, including the Rival Building and Club 2K, where players can access some of the most popular labels’ music coming every season.
  • Rewards will include new ways to get around town, such as powerful maps and rollerblades, as well as new emotes, match introductions and endings, animations, customizable nameplates, and more.

As for the versions for other platforms, users will see the return of the mode. The Neighborhood… Owners of PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch will travel aboard the Cancha del Mar this year. From the lobby to the upper deck, each level of the ship offers a wide variety of activities. In addition, thanks to the change of seasons, new excursions to famous places and tropical locations await players. Each season will bring new content, rewards, and unique events.

NBA 2K22 will come out 10 September on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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