XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Warning: Spoiler!

How it all began

Hello, my name is Alexander and I’m sitting at the games from Firaxis has Games is . My addiction started with Civilization , but now I firmly hooked on XCOM . My acquaintance with the franchise about the war with the aliens began with XCOM : Enemy Unknown in September 2012.

I remember that I did I was already seated on the hook by means of trailers and gameplay videos, but has not yet know what it will end for me. From that moment I forgot what sleep and daily routine. After a few months I was able, gradually reducing the daily dose, to get off of this game, but from time to time still lost the whole weekend, vykashivaya tons of aliens in order to save mankind.

But Firaxis Games are not easy to let go of their “clients”. in 2013, they have perfected the formula of XCOM: Enemy Unknown , adding to the game mechanized troops with bionic soldiers who brought the game even more steep mechanic and stunning features. They called their new product addon – XCOM: Enemy Within . Again, I had a ball, putting at great risk their health, finances and personal life. They say that man can not live without sleep more than 11 days and nights … Well, I could.

About modification of The Long War by a group of craftsmen Pavonis Interactive, I do not want to say it was a terrible time …


I was able to spend two “clean”, the full ordinary pleasures of life. I was doing well at work, have fun with friends, playing in a variety of simple good games do not cause physical dependence. It was not until February 2016 … when I got the second part of XCOM . From this point deserves to be told in detail.

XCOM 2 was still as potent cocktail of tactics and action, but it is much more dynamic and intense. Despite all the efforts of the organization XCOM in the previous part of the game, the aliens still have seized power in the world , but not the war, but with lies and propaganda.

 Invite people to get rid of all diseases and access to endless technological wonders, the aliens are well established in human society. Only veterans XCOM know that aliens are not a cure, but a deadly disease for mankind.

Organization branded terrorists trying to renew the war between earthlings and the elders, and in opposition to the army of Advent has established her in the ranks of which included old and new enemies among the alien beings. 

Now XCOM – not the last line of defense , but only a group of rebels with a single alien ship with the formidable name of   “The Avenger” , which the engineer Raymond Shen was able to lift into the air, and his daughter, Li Shen , was to make him a real military base for resistance.


Dr. Valen has disappeared, leaving behind a monstrous, even by the standards of aliens, mutants of complement XCOM 2: Alien Hunters , which she literally created for the interest in the period between the first and second part. Dzhon Bredford , a former director of central XCOM project , had grown a beard and changed his brutal sweater vest to lead the resistance until XCOM lacked the main thing – the commander or chief, as it is called in the Russian version. Chief, I mean the player who must lead the resistance to victory over the invaders, was captured by the aliens, and over the years from his brain pumped about tactics and strategy, which is loaded later in the soldiers and officers of Advent. Training mission 2 XCOM just dedicated to the salvation of the chief of the capsules of hibernation in a laboratory of Advent .

After the release of Commander XCOM starts in full force, just in time – about the same time the aliens begin to implement the project “Avatar” . There is a strange moment – even in the previous section, we clearly said that the aliens enslave intelligent races across the universe to find a new body, capable of curbing psionic abilities – for their elders. Donors of these same bodies, and there are people – the first suitable race, which came across an army of Elders slaves. Again – it was known in the first part and the second teaches us this information as if for the first time. But this, however, the only gap in the story.

So, Commander again at the helm, this time literally – at the helm of hefty space freighter, carrying its expected old friends in the face of a bearded Bradford and enigmatic chairman of the organization with one of the coolest voices in history, as well as new team members: former scientist Advent – Dr. taigan and daughter and heiress of Dr. Shen – engineer Lily Shen . As well as dozens of desperate fighters humanity, ready at any moment to take a rifle in his hands, machine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles, to the blood and sweat scratch free for planet Earth.

Fat plus a new part – a wide customization fighters , allowing to create a truly unique soldiers, highlighting their characters and classes using a variety of small parts, such as steep sunglasses, bare biceps with tattoos, combat and camouflage coloring. Later, new items of customization DLC, which looked, to put it mildly, strange, especially packs of clothes were added Anarchy’s Children and Resistance Warrior Pack , which have a ” mostly negative ” reviews on Steam. But modders were able to please a rich variety of really cool elements of customization, in particular, a great mod Capnbubs Accessories Pack .