The trailer for the adaptation of “Burn the Witch” by Bleach manga – Igromania

Company Bandai namco arts working on a full-length anime based on one shot Burn the witch Kubo Taito, creator of the cult manga “Bleach“. And the debut trailer of the future film adaptation has already been published.

The action of the Bleach spin-off takes place in the same universe, but after a few years. The creator himself briefly describes the episode as follows: “Witches, dragons and London inside out“. The main characters of the manga are two witches working in the London branch of the Western division of the Soul Society.

The Burn the Witch one-shot was first published in July 2018. But now, for the twentieth anniversary of the Bleach series, the Burn the Witch manga has been expanded and released for free. And in the fall of 2023, a full-length cartoon based on her motives will be released.
The total circulation of the Bleach manga, meanwhile, exceeded 120 million copies. It began to be published in August 2001 and now has 74 volumes (686 chapters). An anime series and four separate animated films were shot on it.

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