WoW Wednesday: Preparing for Patch 7.3

With the next patch possibly just around the corner, I wanted to share how I’m preparing for patch 7.3. There is no official release date for patch 7.3 currently, however,

Blizzard has been releasing the patches seventy-seven days or eleven weeks apart since the start of Legion like clockwork and because of that many are certain that it will be released on August 29th. Remember that this is still PTR and that things could be added or removed at any time before release.

Preparing for Patch 7.3

Number One: Order Resources

On our first stop to preparing for patch 7.3 we’re taking a look at Order Resources. Now, I know most people have an abundance of Order Resources currently, but don’t go and waste them on Bloods of Sargeras. In patch 7.3 there are new troops you can purchase using your Order Resources. The first troops I came across were Krokul Ridgestalkers on Krokuun. A single Ridgestalker cost will go up in increments upto 900 Order Resources but comes with a new ability called Veteran of Argus, which counters Argus Elites on missions. From the little experience that I have had with them, they are very strong troops to have.

There are two other troop types you can get. First is Lightforged Bulwark and the second is Void-Purged Krokul, but with how buggy the PTR has been for me lately I haven’t been able to find them just yet.

Preparing for Patch 7.3

Number Two: Obliterum & Primal Sargerite

When preparing for a new patch, a big question people ask is: “Should I sell or keep these items?” Obliterum is a bit of a tricky one. No one knows for sure if it will lose or gain value, all I can do is tell you what it’s going to be used for. In patch 7.3, Obliterum can be combined with Primal Sargerite to create Primal Obliterum.

Primal Obliterum will be used only to upgrade the new crafted items added in 7.3, up to 935. Personally, I am going to keep enough Obliterum to upgrade the new Plate helm and chest and then sell the rest of my Obliterum while the prices are still high.

Primal Sargerite is the new Blood of Sargeras used in all of the new recipes. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s time to spend all of your Bloods of Sargeras, they are still useful. In patch 7.3 a new Alchemy Transmute Recipe will allow you to transmute 25 Blood of Sargeras for 1 Primal Sargerite.

Personally, I don’t believe this transmute will be worth it, but I could be wrong. Just like the current Boon of the Bloodhunter, there is a new shoulder enchant called Boon of the Lightbearer which can be bought after reaching Revered with the new Army of the Light faction.


Number Three: Defiled Augment Rune

While preparing for patch 7.3 you cannot over look these guys. For mythic raiders and high end mythic+ players, Defiled Augment Runes are a must have.

When you reach Exalted with the Army of the Light, an item called Lightforged Augment Rune can be purchased. Lightforged Augment Rune is a permanent Defiled Augment Rune. With that said, there will be a small window where you can turn a profit on selling your Defiled Augment Runes, but they will have a massive drop in price very quickly, so timing is key.

As I am no longer a mythic raider, I will definitely be getting rid of my stash of runes before the prices drop. Once people realize there is a permanent Augment Rune the prices will plummet drastically.


Number Four: Thaumaturge Vashreen (Relinquished Vendor)

Our Relinquished Nethershard vendor will be moving on in 7.3, so don’t save those Nethershards. At this moment on the PTR he is no longer on the Broken Isle selling Relinquished gear for Nethershards. Instead he is on The Vindicaar selling Ilvl 910 gear for Veiled Argunite. Veiled Argunite is obtained a lot quicker than Nethershards are currently. Your quickest way to farm them will be killing

Rare spawns and completing the world quests that offer them as a reward on Argus. This preparing for patch 7.3 tip is extremely basic, unless you’re saving for those cool toys, spend all of your Nethershards before patch 7.3 drops.

Preparing for Patch 7.3

Number Five: Professions

Since this isn’t a full guide on patch 7.3 because that alone would be twenty pages long, I won’t be going into too much detail on every profession. Every crafting profession is getting new recipes. Tailors can craft new cloth leg armor, Leatherworkers can craft new leather and mail shoulder armor,

Blacksmiths can craft new plate chest armor, and Alchemists can craft a new Alchemist Stone. Gathering professions will still be just as good as they have been since the start of Legion.

On Argus, there is one new herb and ore to gather, which is also used in the new recipes, and while gathering you will have the chance to loot Primal Sargerite.

Now if you’re a Jewelcrafter you may have hit the jackpot (for at least the first few weeks of patch 7.3).

Not only will Jewelcrafters be able to craft a new Helm armor for every armor type, but they also get to craft all new 200 main stat gems.

For those of you that either run the market on the 150 stat gems or have those gems stockpiled slowly selling them over time, I recommend getting rid of those gems asap. Once the new 200 main stat gems come out they will be expensive and in high demand, while the lesser 150 stat gems will become cheap as dirt.


It might seem like there is a lot to do to prepare for patch 7.3, but in all reality there isn’t and unless you’re shooting for getting a little bit ahead, you don’t have to do any of what was mentioned above. My personal goals for preparing for patch 7.3 is to keep stockpiling more

Order Resources, keep my Bloods of Sargeras, keep enough Obliterum to upgrade two new pieces of armor up to ilvl 935, and sell every single Defiled Augment Rune.

If you have any questions on how else to prepare for patch 7.3, or have any tips of your own please let us know in the comments below.