Four new breeds
For those who have not seen it, the movie opens with Teclis – even though on the Steam page of the game it’s about Tyrion as the legendary High Elv
es – accompanied by a handful of launchers, end up being a victim of an ambush wounded by his eternal enemy, the witch king Malekith, at the head of a Witch Elves handpiece, just during a ritual at the feet of the Great Vortex, the last bastard in front of the Chaos
invasion. The Dark Elves assault, however, is readily outlawed by the intervention of a huge Carnosaurus and Lizardmen’s troops, guided by their essay and senior Slann Mazdamundi. Beyond the show of an over-grown lizard that ate a witch on the fly, the first thing that suggests this trailer is the analysis of the factions that will be present at the launch ofTotal War: WARHAMMER II . Three pro
tagonists already know them – High Elves, Dark Elves and Lizardmen – while a fourth faction is still obscured and even in recent streams the developers have been rather vague about it. In fact, who will be the other New World’s inhabitants a bit already known and the mummy mum that closes the presentation film lets presume as the fourth faction is that of the Skaven. As if that was not enough, perhaps only the most cautious if they realized
it, the sameTotal War logo : WARHAMMER IIbrings in some clear clues about the presence of the troops of anthropomorphic rats. Despite the limits imposed by the geography of this expansion, as long as this fourth
faction is not finally unveiled, there is no reason not to work fantasy, and who knows if Tomb Kings will not make their appearance in this second episode or the forces of Arabia. If there is one thing that made me change my mind about Total War: WARHAMMERare the strategic and tactical approaches that each faction carries with itself, its mechanical peculiarities, along
with the unique and completely different troops between the races, with virtues and defects that fit into perfection: with the new chapter, the situation can not therefore improve. Hope is that Creative Assembly gets full of hands from the board game: in the movie you will see yes and no four types of units, but among the High Elves phoenix and dragons, the harpies and the mo
urners of the Dark Elves and the caregivers and Carnosaurs of the Lizardman, this second chapter, in all likelihood, has all the cards to stage aesthetical
ly even more attractive units than they did by the Empire, Dwarfs or Greenskin. The TotalRisk of Total War: WARHAMMER IIit is only time to spend hours and hours with only these four races: even in the previous chapter, at the time of launch, the factions were small, but at least the various Estalia, Tilea and Kislev diversifi
ed the map landscape, its history, the New World is less varied in terms of races. The history of elves and lizard men is dotted with contacts with humans and dwarves, as well as no bloody wars and alliances, but stable settle
ments on the coast of the new continent count on the fingers of a hand. Also, at least for now, Creative Assembly did not spend a word about the Chaos armies: there will be in Total War: WARHAMMER IIor not? For now everything is silent, but it is obvious that their lack of love would be a serious shortage. Finally projecting doubts about the future third episode: if almost all the factions have been included in the first two chapters, who will fight in Total War: WARHAMMER III?
The New World
Ulthuan, Lustria and Naggaroth, these are the regions that will be explored by Total War: WARHAMMER II, respectively the departing territories for the High Elves, Lizardmen and Dark Elves, with the Skaven to be a roaming mine and t
hat, starting from the forests of Lustria, will expand to all areas of the New World. Beside these three areas, the fourth set up by the Creative Assembly is the Southern Territories, which is why the presence of the Tomb Kings does not seem so impossible.