World of Warplanes

At this point deny that the people of knows what it does would be completely absurd. The creators of World of Tanks enjoy an incredible success worldwide with the formula  MMO, + simplicity, + “free to play” . In their game about the world of tanks have managed to get more than 500 thousand players online simultaneously and just over 60 million registered users. Almost nothing. Now they try to take the war to other lands, it is known that they are in full testing of the Alpha version of World of Warships , and a few days ago they launched their bet for the battles in the air: World of Warplanes.

They are succeeding in all these areas with only one opponent that can make them shade, as is the new ” War Thunder ” that takes up the conflict of the Second World War playing the same fronts as , but bringing them together in a single game. The first thing that comes to mind after seeing the different “betas” that World of Warplanes has had, is the important high that has acquired at all levels, but especially at the graphic level. Evidently the airplanes hardly have differences between themselves as far as piloting is concerned, clearly that was not the objective of, but at a visual level they are a show compared to just a few months ago. Reflections, good textures, excellent modeling, all this was missed in the first betas. Beautiful Soviet Hunt Soon we find something genuinely familiar if we have played ” world of tanks” before , and it is the Lobby that here takes the form of a hangar. Excellently detailed, it allows us to admire the models we have. We can approach or surround them to admire the great work of modeling that have the hundred models that have managed to recreate, all of them from the mid 30’s to 50’s of the last century. The hangar initially allows us to have at most four different aircraft from the five nations in conflict

Beautiful Soviet fighter

, but we can expand it by buying more slots with game money. From the same hangar we can buy or sell our aircraft, develop technology or configure them to our liking.

There are three types of aircraft: fighters, heavy fighters and attack aircraft . Although practically all the models of the same type respond practically equal to our control, if there is any difference for example between fighters and attack aircraft.


By the way, as attack aircraft we understand the ground attack aircraft, bombers. The fighters are the typical light, high maneuverability and whose mission is to intercept hostile aircraft or engage in fierce aerial combat face to face with another fighter.


Heavy fighters, or fighter bombers move in a subtle line between fighters and bombers.They have less agility than these but have the power to shoot down more than one , while being able to attack small-scale land targets. Finally the bombers, slow and heavy whose final goal is to destroy land targets and defend against the attacks of enemy fighters.

One less!
One less!

We have a technological tree that will divide each of the types of aircraft into ten different ranges depending on the nation. The higher the range, the more powerful our plane will be.


So for example, if we choose to fight for Germany, and start from the lowest range of its fighters, we have a biplane such as the Arado Ar 65 that went into production in 1931 and was discontinued five years later. It’s nice, it’s funny, but a potato flies better than him and better withstood the shots in the air.


But if we increase the ranks of the German fighters, we can reach the maximum, the  Messerschmitt P.1101 , a jet fighter that never flewand of which only one prototype was built, but to do so would have been more of a problem for the allies. It is interesting to talk


about the ranks, because the game balances the games so that there are no big differences and someone of rank ten walked around annihilating fifteen enemies of rank one. Obviously experience and money is what will unlock the highest levels of these ranges.

The experience will allow us to configure our aircraft, from a simple face wash with different paints or stickers to a handful of improvements aimed at maximizing our aircraft, with improvements in armament, increased durability and speed or the same planes.


Also in our hangar we can improve the skills of our pilots thanks to experience, such as better field of vision, recovery of damage or the ability to extinguish fires faster. All this in an environment that seems to be of frequent use in the games ,


almost that we could say that ” Worlds of Warships ” will have a shipyardthat we can perform the same actions but on ships. That may be good, but we could get dangerously close to a certain monotony where only the packaging changes .