World of Warcraft subscription rewards two Hearthstone Frequent Passes – review addiction

Blizzard prepares for Hearthstone new regime, “Mercenaries“. Releasing on October 12th, it adds RPG and roguelike creature-collecting elements to card strategy. And for his appearance, the company timed an unusual cross action with World of warcraft
Everyone who, from July 1 to October 19, replenishes World of Warcraft playing time for six months, will receive as a gift not only a sapphire firelight and a toy “Imp in a ball” for Burning crusade classic

Players will also be given 15 Bound by Stormwind card packs, a regular pass, and battlefield bonuses for the current and next expansion. When the Mercenaries mode opens, these gifts will add 30 more Mercenary card packs, and then 15 sets of the next expansion of Hearthstone.

And that is not all. After October 12, Hearthstone players just need to complete the prologue and introductory tasks in the new mode to receive a gift not only of eight mercenaries, but also a new unique transport for World of Warcraft – the Sergeant’s mountable rat.

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