Workshop of the Worlds: Last update of Super Mario Maker 2 will allow you to create your own superworld

Company Nintendo introduced the third major update Super mario maker 2. The main innovation will be the mode “Workshop of the worlds”.

In the new mode, players will be able to create a whole superworld of 8 worlds and 40 levels. The editor includes the ability to build bridges, create hills, change the landscape on the main map, as well as change its surroundings (dungeon, desert, snow, sky, forest, volcano or space). In addition, you can place bonus levels with coins.

More bonuses will be added in Super Mario Maker 2, including the transformation of Mario into Mario from Super Mario Bros. 2, the ability to jump on enemies and throw them, as well as take objects and use them against enemies, quick movement in water, hovering in the air, disguise as a gumba, an explosive box and much more.

The update will be released tomorrow.

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