Walkthrough GTA 5: How to hire bodyguards in GTA Online

Developers GTA Online are constantly adding new content to their project. Thanks to this, new opportunities appear in it. However, some gameplay elements are not always obvious. This guide will focus on hiring bodyguards.

As a reminder, along with the Executives and Other Criminals update, you can become both a CEO, who needs security, and a direct security guard in the service of a high-ranking person. This allowed players to become more cooperative-oriented, collaborate and make more money.

Hiring bodyguards in GTA Online

To activate this option, go to the interaction menu and select “SecuroServ”. This will enable you to register as a VIP. Then you should choose the name of your organization and start recruiting bodyguards. It should be borne in mind that there must be a certain amount of money in the account in order to pay a reward to the guard.

VIP status lasts 4 hours in free mode and has a 12-hour cooldown, after which you can become the head of the mafia group again. In this status, three bodyguards are available for recruitment. This is a great way to hang out with friends. It is easy to calculate that you can be in this “co-op” all the time, if every four hours a new player becomes the head.

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