Wipeout: Omega Collection

One can argue that the set includes not the best part of the WipEout , – old fans probably want to see againWipEout 3 or WipEout 2097 , but transfer them to PS4 and do more or less modern-looking too expensive.

The collection includes some of the latest series of projects, which in its time played and looked no worse than their predecessors, and the “remastered” does not seem to be outdated. The player can choose from the main menu championships WipEout HD , Fury and 2048 , in seconds, and switching between them almost instantly launch any favorite.

If all three listed part you have played, meaning to read this text and to buy a collection of almost none. New content is almost entirely absent: no additional vehicles or bonus tracks are not added. WipEout HD and WipEout Fury – a “reissue editions”, as published many years ago on the PS3 originals were a hodgepodge of WipEout Pure and WipEout Pulse – both games were once PSP exclusives. And in 2048 – a “remaster” project, which was part of the starting line of PlayStation Vita.

On the other hand, as a series of analogs in the current console Sonythere is little, pay attention to the collection still can be – at least for the sake of improved appearance.

Looks Omega Collection is really cool, and we can only envy those who have the opportunity to try out a collection in 4K resolution.

If you compare them from memory, the difference between the original and new product may seem insignificant, but actually ennobled version look much more impressive, even on plain PS4.

Colorful effects, crisp textures, detailed race cars, excellent lighting model – and it all works steadily at 60 frames per second, even when mchishsya at high speed and flying around the rocket.

Gameplay as the game remained absolutely the same: it’s fast and sometimes chaotic race, where each trace wisely placed accelerators and, in some modes, you can select the one-time gun and spoil the life of the opponents. Control maximally simple: for X car accelerates, via the stick turns and twists can enter via L2 and R2.

This is enough to complete most races and getting the usual medals, which are sometimes issued for absolutely ridiculous merit such a place in the top five leaders. When the race a total of eight members, it becomes too easy task, especially at lower levels of complexity.

But if you set a goal to win all the gold medals, and even at the level of “Elite”, will have to devote WipEoutlong time. Memorize the route, remember where boosters are placed, and to understand how they are best used without bumping into the wall at the same time – often after such a mistake to move down from the leading positions in the past.

It is also useful to remember to perform the barrel when you are in the air – the movement of the stick in different directions and the successful landing provides a significant performance boost, but it takes stock of “lives” in the car. But this resource is very valuable, especially in the race, where scattered everywhere weapons. Restore “health” by pressing O – in this case, some kind of rocket instantly transformed into energy and repairs the transport.

Self improvement

Passing WipEout before will feel at home here. Although the platinum trophy in WipEout 2048 I knocked for a long time, runs, turns, and most opportunities to cut corners, I remembered, and therefore win the gold medal was not very difficult. But sometimes difficulties still arise, since the conditions for obtaining the highest score in some races have changed.

Like it or not, play in 2048 on the big screen is much easier than on the PS Vita, so that the requirements for republication appropriate: somewhere to spend a second less somewhere – go round faster. Championship in 2048 is slightly different from the others, since it is not exposed the complexity of arrival (as it is in HD and Fury) – it is always the same, just need to perfectly perform all the tasks.

And the main charm of WipEoutlies in the fact that to break away from it is simply impossible, until you see strewn with gold medals plan for each championship.

There is in these projects is something terribly attractive, because of what they really want to learn to play. Do not mindlessly drive, completing one of the other races, and self-understanding some subtleties and hone skills for the best results.

Perhaps the fact that the disastrous performance in 99% of cases due to the errors of the player – greedy and did not shoot at the right moment, or use missile acceleration chosen instead to turn it into energy. Sometimes, there are quite a hopeless situation, when opponents one by one and fill up the projectiles thrown at the wrong time mines, but these races are very, very rare.