Welcome to the party

The thrill of a thriller is to get to the end of the story to discover the identity of the culprit and shed light on the dynamics of the crime … but what happens when we already know who will be the victim and who the killer? The Sexy Brutal tries to answer this question by turning yellow the genre of puzzle games and overturning the very nature of an investigative tale while retaining all the distinctive elements.


The game comes to life thanks to the efforts of the boys of Tequila Works (in collaboration with Cavalier Game Studios) and seen the effort lavished on the expected RiME , just next month, The Sexy Brutale was a really unexpected surprise, albeit very pleased.

The Sexy Brutale is a brilliant and unexpected puzzle game, the details in the review


“A little party never kill nobody” sings the beautiful Fergie in the soundtrack of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, but the Marquis’s guests would have something to argue about.


The game takes place in the course of a single day within the walls of a vast mansion and casino attached to the property, the Sexy Brutale indeed. All the guests were invited by the Marquis, owner of the magnificent residence, for a masquerade ball but something went terribly wrong: the servitude has as its sole objective to massacre all the guests of the party and the masks that the guests wear appear to be in somehow damned.


It is up to us to play the role of Lafcadio Boone, a priest who is assigned a very important mission: to save the casino guests.

Welcome to the party
Welcome to the party

The difficult task will be entrusted to us by Bloody Girl, a strange presence wrapped in blood and that will give us, just during the tutorial, an enchanted pocket watch, an indispensable object for the purposes of gameplay. To avoid the various crimes, in fact, we will have to explore the environments in order to learn all the knowledge necessary to solve the dynamics of the murder we are investigating and to do so we will have to go back in time,


thanks to the clock. Rewinding time is a necessary task and we will have to do it several times because the whole game takes place in real time and to investigate in depth we will first have to visit a room, then eavesdrop a conversation in another area of ​​the casino and so on, but without let us never see you neither from the guests nor from the servants.


Like all guests also Lafcadio Boone wears a mask and in the proximity of a door, beyond which another character is found, this one will begin to shine red to warn us that we can not cross the threshold, so better focus elsewhere.


To investigate, Boone can move in three different ways: exploring an empty room by collecting objects, spying in a room through a lock or hiding in a closet and finally using your hearing to see, thanks to sonar graphics, who is moving in nearby.


As we save the guests we will acquire the special powers of their masks and the more we will have more freely move on the map: from experience we found it almost more complex to go looking for the right guest to save (since there is a specific order) rather that solve a single murder and this because keeping track of all the events within the 12


hours of the day is complex and puts a strain on even the most trained memory. Fortunately in the map menu, at the bottom of the screen, there is a timeline that we can scroll and for each hour we will be shown the position of guests and attendants that we met in the mansion during the succession of our games.


The rest of the menu consists of the summary of the missions, the number of collectibles collected and a list of tutorials and descriptions of the game and environment.