Weight Shape, Suit of Byte, Gold and PS Plus Suicide in November

PlayStation Plus

And now the turn of the Sony console and the often embarrassing games that appear monthly in the Instant Game Collection . As usual, the Japanese house offers two titles for each console, with the usual cross-buy purchases in the middle.

Worms Battlegrounds , PlayStation 4. Weight: 2.2GB. Rating: 3 hard drives per 5 .
On PlayStation 4 you will be able to download a great vintage gaming classic. This is Worms, or rather one of his latest incarnations: Worms Battlegrounds . Originally released in 2014 on current generation consoles as PC version porting, called Worms Clan Wars.

The setting is that of a history museum, with a single player campaign that sees the player (and his worm) tackling a series of challenges t


o find an antique artifact to keep the bad guy from taking over the world. The game also offers the iconic multiplayer mode in the local and online, the real soul of the game.

Bound , PlayStation 4. Weight: 1.6GB. Rating: 2 hard drives per 5 .
Bound is a very art


istic platform featuring a ballerina, developed by Plastic and released on PlayStation 4 in August 2016.
The protagonist dancer is a princess, committed to juggle between dreamy and surreal environments. You will need to complete challenges


of skill, reflection, and everything you expect from a platform worthy of this name. Unfortunately, although the title is inspired by the aesthetic point of view, the same can not be said of the gameplay that in the end does not overwhelm.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood , PlayStation VR. Weight: 13.3GB. Rating: 3 hard drives per 5 .
The title for PlayStation VR this month is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood , released in October last year.
This is a spin-off of Un


til Dawn to play exclusively with the viewer for the virtual reality of Sony, a kind of horror-themed carousel where you shoot at all the targets you are hoping for. There are seven different attractions in the game, some of which face and rewrite the same locations and enemies in the original game. Ideal for an extremely late Halloween.

Tell me who you are! ¸ PlayStation 4. Weight: ND. Rating: 4 hard drives per 5 .
Tell me who you are! is a very special party game that also returns this time as a free bonus game. This is a quiz with questions ab


out your friends and family (read the other players) to play with a smartphone and tablet application, up to five players. On the site you will find the review by the undersigned.
NOTE: The title will remain in the Instant Game Collection lineup until February 6, 2018.

R-Type Dimensions , PlayStation 3. Weight: 256MB. Rating: 3 hard drives per 5 .
R-Type Dimensions, for PlayStation 3, is an interesting compilation that collects R-Type and R-Type II. N total of 14 levels, in retro 2


D or 3D modern, with the ability to switch between these two styles on the fly at the touch of a button. In addition to the classic titles taken in full, R-Type Dimensions introduces the “Infinity” mode with a continuous progression from the start of the game to the final boss. All modes can be played in single player or local multiplayer.

Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic , PlayStation 3. Weight: 670MB. Rating: 2 hard drives per 5 .
The strangest title of this month’s selection is a game of all spiritual energy and puppets. The eight pioneers of the game will have


to fight and fight in multiple fights to decree the supreme master of martial arts. Or you could create a personal wrestler and throw it into the melee.
Obviously they complete the amazing combo pack and special attacks, with the aim of disintegrating the enemies and showing a manifest superiority that is not indifferent. The title is conceived by one of the ingenious minds behind Little Big Planet, though it does not seem.

Dungeon Punks , PS Vita. Weight: 978MB. Rating: 2 hard drives per 5 .
Dungeon Punksis a fast-paced action-rpg with a tag-team combat system. The adventure can be carried out in a single player, or in the company of friends. In addition, there is a competitive multiplayer mode in which players can make health


y snooping. Eleven arenas, six heroes, twelve beautiful settings with Titanic final boss, all the features for a perfect carefree game that, alas, is all less than memorable. Broken Sword: The Snake Curse (Ep 1-2) , PS Vita. Weight: 1.7GB. Rating: 3 hard drives per 5.


The franchise does not need presentations, Broken Sword: The Snake Curse is a title of the very famous Broken Sword series, born of a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. This is obviously a point and click adventure, developed and distributed entirely by Revolution Software. The story revolves around a mysterious painting, La maledicció, a


nd its author, the Spanish painter called El Serp. After the two protagonists of the story, George Stobbart and Nicole Collard Nico, are present at the show when at some point an armed robbery breaks up that steals the picture and commits a murder. George as an insurer and Nico as a freelance journalist will start conducting private investigations to find out the author of the mysterious theft.

Xbox Live

As for Microsoft , we again find this with a double offer for its two last generation of consoles, with titles that will be offered in certain times of time.

Tales from the Borderlands , Xbox One (November 16 – December 15). Weight: 2.7GB. Rating: 5 Hard Drives on 5
Developed by Telltale Games and originally released in 2014 for any existing device, Tales from the Borderlands is obviously an epi


sodic graphic adventure inspired by the Borderlands series.
You may not like the Telltale style, and there, but Tales from the Borderlands is my favorite adventure of the studio, and one who did not l


ove all the Telltale production. The setting is Pandora and, as an ambitious Hyperion employee who wants to become the new Jack the Bell, this Telltale adventure is full of humor, action and a weave that can capture you right away. Highly recommended, then if you do not like it, you can even take it with me, or if you have problems with English as the game is not localized.

Trackmania Turbo , Xbox One (November 1-30). Weight: 3.95GB. Rating: 4 hard drives per 5 .


Turbo is the first title of the Trackmania series to emerge on consoles, after Trackmania Wii, with much support for virtual reality. The gameplay is typical of the series, made of incredible racing and track construction that challenge any physical and logical rule. The title features 200 tracks scattered across four different locations: Rollercoaster Lagoo


n, Internation Stadium, Canyon Grand Drift and Down & Dirty Valley. Obviously, everything is centered on high-speed acrobatics, while the simulation is at home quiet again for another time. There is also campaign mode and a mode called Double Driver, that is, a cooperative multiplayer, where two players control the same machine.

NiGHTS into dream


s … , Xbox 360 (November 1-15). Weight: 2.56GB. Vote:3 hard drives are 5 .
Developed by Yuji Naka’s Sonic Team, NiGHTS into dreams … is the remastered version of the classic homeland for SEGA Saturn released in 1996.


The story sees us engaging in the role of two little boys entering a dream world where they are led by the main protagonist of the game, the Jester Nights precisely. Players will need to collect the Ideya (colored balls), earn points, and defeat powerful bosses to help Elliot and Claris save the Nightopia world from the wicked Wizeman. A great classic for the most nostalgic.

Deadfall Adventures , Xbox 360 (November 16-30). Weight: 3.77GB. Rating: 2 hard drives per 5 .
Originally released in 2013, Deadfall


Adventures is a first-person action adventure in which you will have to embody such James Lee Quatermain, descendant of legendary adventurer Allan Quatermain. During the adventure, we will be looking for a powerful artifact on behalf of the US government, for which you will have to visit the four corners of the world to find all the pieces, obviously protected by m


onsters, traps and other amenities. A game that wants to replicate the feeling of Indiana Jones’s adventures, a little memorable though.