This year is being a celebration for motor lovers. Few dates remember with such amount of proposals of all kinds while maintaining quality standards. Codemasters , for example, has not missed its annual appointment with the great Formula 1 circus , in addition to launching just two months before the fourth numbered delivery of its consecrated Dirt franchise .


On the part of the Italians of Milestone did the same with the most famous championship on two wheels: Moto GP . It could not miss


the -either- early sequel to Project Cars , with a Slightly Mad Studios without complexes that reversed much of the problems suffered in the original work. Without forgetting aboutthe imminent arrival of one of the axes of the genre: Gran Turismo Sport. 

However, for hardcore fans of the Xbox brand, a year without Forza would be something … apathetic. Be it the competitive interpretation of Turn 10 as the unbridled freedom of the Horizon festival, promoted by Playground Games. This final stretch of 2017 is sp


ecial for this community, since we are just a month away from receiving the flagrant Xbox One X, the new Microsoft platform. The Los Angeles Fair was the place where we first saw the exclusive titles that would accompany the console during its first days in the


market. Crackdown 3 we already know that it falls off the list due to its sudden delay until 2018 , but there is still one standard bearer: Forza Motorsport 7. Let’s know, then, the novelties that accompany the great launch of the Redmond company in terms of catalog.

Forza Driver’s Cup, a new way to achieve stardom

As soon as we started our journey with Forza Motorsport 7 we saw the change of tone that has been given to all the entertainment around the competition. Do you remember serious careers, with a background orchestra and the evident tranquility of menus and interface? None of that you will find here. Turn 10 has released his mane, renewing the sensati


ons at the controls. Rock rhythms predominate during transitions between screens; everything is more brazen. The spirit of Horizon has per


meated sensibly in the Motorsport formula , which is to be welcomed. That is why these additions to the packaging would be the preview of the great novelties of this delivery, where the new trajectory path shines.

The initial instants happen to put us on notice of the three great offers at a playable level that we will find in the following hours. We will start


in the unprecedented Porsche 911 GT2 RS on the fictitious circuit on the outskirts of Dubai, between the sand tide and the majestic modern


Arab architecture. Shortly after, we will radically change the third to get into the not-well-known truck competition on the legendary Mugello asphalt, one of the novelties of this delive


ry-although we must confess that they do not have as much presence as we would like. This little trip will end at the wheel of a Nissan Motul Autech GT-R on the Suzuka track, which will be in some special conditions. There we will be witnesses as a preview of


the graphic muscle that shows variable climate in a hardware such as the Xbox One. Not only will it be a visual impact, but at the wheel we will already begin to notice the rebelliousness of the forks when the rain takes the lead.

Forza Motorsport 7 (PC) screenshot

With this we will give by introduced in the Forza Driver’s Cup, title of the main mode. This trajectory consists of a total of six major tournaments : Seeker, Breakout, Evolution, Domination, Masters and the grand final, which presumes to have the


same and that will test all the skills acquired during transit. Each of them has a number of series, which become test chains where participants enter a classification according to the points obtained at the end of the race. Broadly propose few alternatives to what h


as already been seen in previous titles: run under certain circumstances -cars of a brand, year, displacement …- in several circuits with different climate and time situation.

Our goal will be to achieve victory in the global tournament in order to unlock the next one, in which you will climb one more step in difficulty, va


riety and number of tests, as well as laps to be performed. How will we get the cup? Well, very simple. Our final score around the series will accumulate in the overall tournament counter. Once we reach the goal, we will


be winners automatically without the need to pass a special race. This allows you to create a more flexible experience for most play


er profiles , since winning a series or entering the podium does not give more value than those who simply obtain a more modest position, although obviously it will make things easier and reduce the time Let’s go through one tournament to be able to access the next.

Forza Motorsport 7 (PC) screenshot

In addition to the traditional ones, we will have the opportunity to participate in different exhibitions that will display on the ta


ble different rules to what we can find in the rest. From knocking down pins in a round, going through endurance events in such mythical circuits as Spa-Francorchamps or overtaking a predetermined number of rivals in the shortest possible t


ime. Completing them will bring us two things: on the one hand we will obtain the vehicle that we use at that moment, and on the other, it will re


fresh our feelings of certain boredom that the championships can generate. The more we advance, the more challenges we will encounter.

Renewed progress

But the changes have not only been focused on the main game mode. To adjust to this dynamic experience, our profile has undergone variations in terms of development and progress of the pilot. For each level achieved we will have the opportuni


ty to choose what reward to obtain from three different options: A significant amount of money, the reduction of a percentage of the official price of a vehicle or a new monkey with which to dress the pilot. In addition to the bonus obtained by reaching a range, thes


e awards will allow us to have greater opportunities for expansion to continue advancing in the other scale added.