“We need financial stability”: Trying to stay afloat Starbreeze Studios is looking for a publisher for Payday 3

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In December, the company Starbreeze studios reported that it will be divided into two parts – one will be responsible for the development of games, while the second will be engaged in publishing. However, she will not be able to launch Payday 3 on her own.

According to a report released today, Starbreeze Studios is looking for a third-party publisher for its key game. The future of the Starbreeze brand, which was hit hard after the shooter failed, will directly depend on the success of Payday 3. Overkill’s the walking dead.

According to management, now Starbreeze Studios is in talks with several publishers at once. By the end of the first half of 2020, a partnership statement will be made.

“Payday is the most important brand of our company. Now we are choosing a good partner who has the marketing and distribution resources necessary to ensure the best start of Payday 3, and is also ready to provide us with financial stability,” the statement said.

Currently, the company continues to stay afloat thanks to Payday 2 – She returned to the release of updates for this project and was able to interest the fans. Payday 3 is planned to be released only in 2022.

To save, Starbreeze Studios previously sold the studio Dhruva interactive, ceased support for Overkill’s The Walking Dead, and also broke the partnership with the team OtherSide Entertainmentwho is led by his father Deus ex Warren Spector was cooking System shock 3. According to the latest press reports, System Shock 3 has big problems.

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