Set fire to an apartment, had a fight with a girl and became a champion – an esportsman career in The Sims 4

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The desire to download The Sims 4 sooner or later overtakes every video game lover. made a naughty experiment, the purpose of which is to become a successful e-sportsman and check how the virtual career differs from the real one.

The cult series The Sims originates in January 2000: the first life simulator topped the list of best-selling PC games for 11 months, ahead of such major releases as Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Diablo II, Final Fantasy IX and Counter-Strike. The latest version – The Sims 4 – was released in 2014 and received rather mixed reviews, but by 2020 it was still sold in a circulation of 20 million copies.

And you, by chance, did not win The International?

In real life, it is important for cybersportsmen not only to have a high skill, but also to have perseverance, hard work and sociability. Moreover, a player’s character can be either complaisant or explosive, and a craving for popularity, a thirst for an open relationship or, conversely, a desire to start a family have almost no effect on the career of real professionals. We got an almost perfect candidate, not without a twist: the future virtual e-sportsman is eccentric, self-confident and has his own board, and his life goal is to become a computer genius.

As a prototype, I took a real-life player in Dota 2. Do you recognize?

Character in The Sims 4

A place of honor in the house of the Cybersportsman Cybersportsmanov was taken by a sports apparatus – a computer. There wasn’t enough money for the most “sophisticated” version, we will buy upgrades from the first major prize, as often happens in reality. At the end of a career, it will be possible to unlock a miracle unit with secret military codes … Interestingly, the winners of The International are also given computers called Top Secret?

Computers in The Sims 4

Not all gamers can afford a spacious apartment, let alone a house with all amenities. Our player was really lucky, but all the money was spent on the construction of such a mansion. The hero had to urgently get a job, as utilities and food would not pay for themselves.

In The Sims 4, finding a job on the Internet is unusually simple: go online, choose the profession you are interested in, and the very next day you can go to work. The future eSportsman is forced to start with technical support. Together with the position, the character received a special daily task – at least once a day to play video games and engage in programming. Judging by what is happening on the screen, our computer genius first planned to participate in the Tetris Championship, and then tried himself in FIFA.

Toxicity, malnutrition and “hiccups”

On the very first day, the Esportsman of the Esportsmen showed the “typical” habits of the gamer: he began to chat actively and immediately unlocked the “Dirty” skill – he clearly wrote something toxic. After a while, he went to eat and brought a plate of food to the computer. I had to hurry to sign up a talented guy to a tournament for beginners, participation in which, as in the good old days, paid – as much as $ 20.

It was not possible to win the first championship in my life. After a devastating defeat, the sim sobbed for a long time and refused to enter the game – tilt in The Sims 4 was implemented well. The first place at the FIFA championship was taken from the third attempt, after which the joyful hero went to bed well after midnight. Keeping up with The Sims 4 is even harder than in real life.

Football simulator in The Sims 4 life simulator

Football simulator in The Sims 4 life simulator

The main problem of the young esportsman in The Sims 4 is communication with other sims. Video games do not fill the communication bar. In the first half hour after the start of the experiment, the character received the achievement “Lone Wolf”, and then often replenished the communication line to the green level only at work.

The esportsman’s cooking skills are pretty lousy: the very first attempt to make toast with an egg ended in fire. Pogorelets later washed for a long time, and I was afraid that he would die in the color of years and the experiment would not succeed.

“Toast with a crust” in The Sims 4

After replacing the electric stove, which had to spend a salary in two days, the cybersportsman sat down at the computer again. It turned out that to increase the employer demanded to learn how to program. This is not the easiest task and not a necessary skill for a professional gamer in reality, but in The Sims 4 the career ladder is built in such a way that you cannot advance without the technical foundations that allow you to make mods for games.

The physical form of the player has not changed for several weeks, although he did not eat right. Not all gamers manage to eat balanced food, but the main thing is not to overeat and not eat too rarely, because gastritis is a terrible thing. Yoghurts as a snack, porridge, scrambled eggs, sometimes pasta with cheese: a comrade by the name of eSportsmen is not too worried about taste. Although even on such a meager menu, his culinary skill has grown to almost the maximum. This is inevitable if you live alone and cook yourself.

Play games while playing games

The computer burned out due to hard gaming. He had no money to buy a new device, he had to find out the cause of the “blue screen of death” with his own hands. Moreover, he is now a programmer with his mother, will soon begin to repair microwave ovens and run printers.

Fix a computer in The Sims 4

Fix a computer in The Sims 4

It was possible to get the desired profession by the fifth hour of the game in The Sims 4. Together with it, the opportunity opened to stream: virtual spectators diligently send donations, things went uphill and money appeared on a new computer.

The most distracting factor was the girl with whom Cybersportsmen met near the house. She often came to fish in the river, and thanks to the panoramic windows, the gamer watched her slender figure stretching out the carp all the time. As they say, I did not sleep and met. The girl was lively – she immediately asked for a visit and sat down at the computer.

The sims 4

As a result, the guy was disappointed in her. The girl always called first, and as soon as she came to visit, she immediately sat down at his computer. Once eSportsmen called it cancer, and the flower of love withered, never taking root.

What you need to be able to and what you should not be afraid of

The Sims 4 is exaggerated, but describes the everyday life of an ordinary gamer who decided to master the profession of esportsman. Here, as in real life, one has to deal with lack of sleep, poor nutrition, quarrels with loved ones and a lack of real communication. There are also positive aspects: diligence is rewarded with an increase in work, victories in tournaments and an increase in the number of subscribers to personal broadcasts.

The Sims 4 Skills

The e-sportsman The e-sportsman, who was created only for games and could, in principle, eat only pizza and never fix anything with his own hands, still wanted to be more “human” – he took up literature immediately, as soon as the chain of actions was completed and there were no new instructions . The hero pumped up charisma, sometimes preparing something more complicated than toasts with eggs and bacon, flooding on the forums, practicing in “dirty tricks”. The Sims 4 does not look like reality, but it teaches the player to be versatile, open and a little crazy – all this will come in handy in life.

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