When in 2015 at PAX East exhibition was publicly demonstrated Trailer We Happy Few, it became clear that the developers of Compulsion Games, said earlier rather curious puzzle-platformer Contrast, obviously nourish affection for anti-utopian literature. And indeed, their upcoming project is replete with references to George Orwell and Aldous Huxley’s job is “1984” and “Brave New World”.

Add in powerful literary component mad style, inspired by the TV series of BioShock, and game mechanics, which is somewhat reminiscent of The Ship – the project, which July 11 of this year, knocked as much as 10 years – and get a rough sketch of We Happy Few. Impressed, I must say, very ambiguous.

Preview We Happy Few
Dead rat sees only the main character. The rest happily chew guts, thinking that eating candy from a piñata.

In the yard in 1964. England was occupied by German troops during World War II. Residents of Albion is very difficult perceived defeat of their country, which caused an extraordinary decline in the mood of society.

And instead of trying to reconcile and try to live according to the new order, the government invents a special drug called “Joy”, which not only suppresses all negative memories, but also as “transforming” the whole world around, making you insane (literally sense of the word) happy. However, you should stop taking the drug, as you turn into a hated all the “Downer’a” (which translates as the bore).

Preview We Happy Few
That you have not got to the core, you need to be as friendly and minimally suspicious.

The developers promise that the final version of the game we will be available three characters, each of which will have their own history and motivation. Is currently available one playable character named Arthur Hastings.

Working editor-censor in the local “Ministry of Truth”, it must not be allowed to take in the newspaper article that can somehow grieve residents Wellington Wells – a fictional city where the main action takes place game.

And once it gets in the eyes article about his brother, and immediately attacked Arthur old memories that the drug «Joy» successfully suppressed. Seeing colleagues in the wrong, his colleagues immediately call the police, in order to knock out all the sadness of the protagonist, but Arthur manages to escape.

Preview We Happy Few
Such asylum can be found in some very large locations.


On this is available in an alpha version of the story breaks off, and the next moment we are in a shelter, in which the protagonist can sleep, watch TV and, in the presence of the workshop, collect various items.

From this point and begins exploring the surrounding area free of Wellington Wells, from which we, on the subject, as soon as possible to escape.

To date, for the study is available for about half of the planned area, although in the case of We Happy Few large scale may greatly harm the project, there are dozens of similar houses, characters and missions are unlikely to attract a new audience and to please have the players concerned, and it would be better for developers of Compulsion Games to focus on quality rather than on quantity.

Preview We Happy Few
Under the influence of the drug the world is changing and becoming more friendly.

Gameplay, as previously noted, is a bit like The Ship. When injected into an unfamiliar place on your map are not marked automatically all the side quests, interesting places to explore, as well as shops and other marketing and point of sale, available on this area. You need to personally examine every nook new location, wander in every alleyway and talk with residents.

In addition, due to procedure-generated game world, the object of interest required for the job or promotion to another location, will constantly change their location, and if you, for example, the lost, you lose part of the amassed objects and resources.