Way of Redemption

Come go. I admit it. I’m human, I’m not a robot. This is a subjective opinion and it bothers me that  Way of Redemption  does not work.


Although in the face of the analysis I would love not to suffer or have any emotion, there are many (and hopefully more) events in Spain that put us in


contact with  small developers  and sensitize us to their constant struggle. First of all the work and effort behind many of those indie titles   that we do not pay the attention that we should.


Call it  iDéame , call it  Gamelab . What if  Madrid Games Week , or what if  Barcelona Games World . Maybe  Euskal Encounter ,


maybe Gamergy . It does not matter. Some focus on them and others reduce them to a corner. In some their presence is testimonial and in others they are protagonists and masters of ceremony. As I say, it does not matter. They are many. And me, weak.

Some will say that this happens with all the games. That everyone has their bowl of sacrifice behind them. As we say here, and using the slang of the network,


he would not be lacking in reason and he would not have a reason. However, not too long ago he read a wonderful article by Cristian Campos called


” Why I care more about a French than a Syrian” , which spoke about the so-called” sentimental kilometer . “In it, and moral controversy aside,


the following was said:” The sentimental kilometer is something that is learned the first week of the first quarter of the first journalism course. for any fact, it is inversely proportional to the distance that separates us from the victim, the greater the distance, the less interest “.

It may not be the right thing to do, but knowing that behind  Way of Redemption  is a  Spanish developer ,  Pixel Cream , with about 15 people working on it, is something I can not help thinking about when doing the present analysis. It’s hard to get rid of that


Twitter that, magic, speaks Spanish! Do not fall for the title is available with  PlayStation Plus , but for now only for us, Spain and Portugal, where we put eyes.


Or not assess how some of its members have spent the last months in many of the forums in the sector, clarifying doubts and solving questions. Or visiting the different events and fairs of these lands.


For all these reasons, I am very sorry to use these lines as a dagger, to reflect why  my experience with the game has been disastrous , but I have to do it. A matter of honesty and responsibility. However, first of all, and then, I want to say something. Two things.

First, we must admit that  the game warns , and you know, who warns is not a traitor. ” Remember that we will update and improve the content for free, ”


says the bulletin board of the main menu. A message that acts as a double-edged sword. It reflects  commitment to the community , shows how they want to take care of it and how much they value their  feedback … but also puts a bandage and band-aid before there


are injuries. Because there is a certain awareness in him that  updating the title seems an obligation  given his problems and his lack of arguments.

Second and more important, that the fact that in the near future  Way of Redemption solvents errors, improve and win whole (something that will do, we have no doubt), does not mean that, as of today, when the title lands on  PS4


and when, therefore, we have to analyze it, it does not work as it should and it is not recommendable. Now, it is a title designed to have a long journey and many


changes and improvements, and before gutting it in depth, I promise to follow the track and return to it within a month or two to see if it offers me different experiences and It deserves to  rectify the verdict .

It may be empathy, the “emotional mile”. It may just be healing my conscience and buying moral comfort. It may be fine, or it may be wrong. Once again, it’s the same. I’m weak. I’m human.

captura_de_pantalla_2017-05-08_a_las_5.40.01.png screenshot

What the hell is Windjammers?

Way of Redemption  is a tribute to  Windjammers . As a  Disc Jam . As  PowerSpinners . As  Crazy Power Disc  and as the remastering of the own  Windjammers  that will arrive this same 2017 to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. With so much homage and successor, the question is clear, what the hell is  Windjammers ?

For  millennials  and all those less years old, I leave you with this more than recommended  article by Fran Serrano Acosta , in which it is clear, ” it is an evolution of Pong that was, for many,  one of the best recreational they gave of the nineties . ”

As in the original title of  Neo Geo , in  Way of Redemption  we find one-on-one games (this time there are also two against two) in which players throw a  freesbie  (here, ball) with the intention of scoring in the wall on the opposite side. That simple premise is with which Pixel Cream , developer of the game, aims to assault the universe of  eSports  and hobnob with the great


MOBA  ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ) that reign in it, see  League of Legends ,  Dota 2 ,  Heroes of the Storm ,  Smite  or  Clash Royale. For it uses PlayStation Plus , where not too long ago we had the example of Rocket League , a game that did the same by an unprecedented way until then, opening a way that Way of Redemption wants to go back to.