“We’ll have to wait”: Bethesda has commented on questions about Wolfenstein 3

One of the biggest expectations Bethesda fans had for E3 2023 was the eventual airing Wolfenstein 3… Although the publisher said back in 2018 that the third part of the shooter will definitely happen someday, the past Xbox presentation left fans without an announcement.

In a recent interview with Pete Hines GameSpot asked Bethesda’s head of marketing a specific question about MachineGames and whether the studio is still working on the Wolfenstein franchise.

Hines replied that MachineGames is right now in the early stages of developing an Indiana Jones game that was announced in January. However, he also hinted that the studio might be busy with something else, possibly related to Wolfenstein.

“For Wolfenstein, or any other franchise that we haven’t announced yet, we’ll have to wait until we get to the point where we want to talk about it,” Hynes explained.

While Hines hasn’t confirmed that the third Wolfenstein is in development, he noted that he is as big a fan of the franchise as many others and would like the series to return.

“You can put me at the top of the list of people looking to see another Wolfenstein, so don’t worry about that,” Hynes said.

The latest Wolfenstein game to date is the spin-off Wolfenstein: Youngblood, co-released with Arkane Studios in 2019.

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