“Look Mail.ru” – another video service of recommendations is being prepared for launch

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Mail.ru Group is preparing to launch a new video service called “See Mail.ru“. Developers position it as a “personal TV channel”, which will select content depending on previously viewed and on interests.
The company clarified that beta testing of the service is in progress. It will include news, clips, films, series, television shows, video blogs and so on. Moreover, it will be free, but with advertising. And the content will be affiliate and legal.
Technically, it will be an analogue of the service “My Ether“At”Yandex»And recommendation systems on the same YouTube. Moreover, Mail.ru Group believes that in the future all services, social networks and others will switch to personalized collections of content.
A similar principle already works in some online cinemas and, as it turned out, it is in demand. In addition, the company, according to the source, is going to create its own content, although there are no details on this yet.
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