Watch Dogs: Legion got better thanks to last-minute porting – Ubisoft was able to refine the basic mechanics

Two days ago new show hacker action movie Watch Dogs: Legion the company Ubisoft. According to the initial plans, the project was supposed to go on sale at the beginning of this year, however, the French publisher decided to postpone the release date. For months, literally nothing was heard about the game. As it turned out, the extra time really helped the authors significantly improve their brainchild..

Creative Director Talking to IGN Legion Clint Hawking admitted that for him the news about the postponement of the release date was a real surprise, since by that time the team was literally on the finish line. Nevertheless, when the developers realized that they had a few more months left, they decided to focus their efforts not just on polishing individual components, but on fully developing the key mechanics of the entire project: the ability to take control of absolutely any hero.

“The most important thing that we managed to do is to add a lot more unique features and skills to the characters that you meet in the world. And also to combine all this together, so we managed to create a lot of interesting images,” explains Clint Hawking.

The transfer had a positive effect on other systems, including the general structure of progression, which now encourages users to experiment instead of choosing one bunch of heroes and ignoring everyone else. The next point is the various activities that you have to perform on the occupied company “Albion“areas in order to free them from oppression.

“After you perform a series of such activities, a special liberation mission opens, which is a manually-directed section with unique gameplay and difficulties. And after its implementation, the district removes the shackles, local people find the strength to fight, it makes it easier for you entice them to your side while you watch the Albion’s forces recede. Thanks to all this, you really will feel as if you are regaining your city back, “said the developer.

Watch Dogs: Legion go on sale 29th of October on the Playstation 4, Xbox one and PC. Versions for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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