Cherry Viola switches will make mechanical keyboards cheaper – review

At the exhibition CES 2023 company Cherry showed a new series of switches Viola, which should reduce the total cost of mechanical keyboards. It is argued that input systems with such switches are equal in price to membrane ones.

Viola uses a full-fledged mechanical design, although it is simpler than other models. There is only one movable contact on which the switch rod moves. The contact closes in the middle of the stroke; to press, a force of 45 cN is needed, which is the average value. The switch travel does not exceed 4 mm.

In this case, Cherry Viola can be mounted without soldering and use caps from other switches of the MX series.

In addition, the developers have improved the model. MX Red, Brown, Black and Speed (Silver), increasing the number of responses over 50 million. The repulsion time is reduced to 1 ms. Other characteristics have not changed, and developers are preparing similar improvements for the Blue line.

It is not yet specified when the new and updated switches will enter the market and how they will affect the cost of the final products. However, it is obvious that such a step Cherry will allow her to gain a foothold in the budget segment, which is now mainly occupied by Chinese mechanical keyboards.