VR in 2019: Beat Saber hit the top 100 best-selling games on Steam, Superhot VR brought millions in Christmas

Despite the attempts of developers to attract the attention of players to VR-projects, the financial results of most releases so far remain rather modest. Next year, an attempt will be made to launch a niche in the stratosphere Valve with his Half-Life: Alyx, but for now, the leader Steam the game remains Beat saber.

According to the statistics of the digital store, in 2019, a rhythm game from Beat games was able to get into the top 100 best-selling products on Steam, becoming the only full-fledged VR project on the list. True, the game settled only in the Bronze category, and the exact numbers were not announced

At the same time, everything is far from so bad. In the list you can find games that have additional VR modes or mods (for example, No man’s sky)

In addition, studios working with VR manage to not only survive, but also to earn money. So, representatives SUPERHOT Team reported that on Christmas week their game Superhot vr brought about two million dollars (sales on PC and PS4 are taken into account).

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