Spider-Man: No Way Home May Be Marvel Studios’ Third Longest Film

December film “Spider-Man: No Way Home“could be one of the longest running in the MCU.

Information about the timing of the tape appeared on the website of a large cinema chain Cineworld. According to the indicated data, the new part of “Spider-Man” will last 150 minutes, that is, two and a half hours.

If the information is true and is not a placeholder, then the film will become the third longest in CME, second only to the last two parts “Avengers… The record holder at the moment remains “The final“(3 hours 2 minutes) followed by”Infinity war“(2 hours 40 minutes).

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” is out December 16… Last week, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming movie. The video set a record, becoming the most viewed in the first 24 hours.

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