April is undoubtedly one of the key months of the resurgence of platforms in this generation. Titles such as the recent compilation of classics The Disney Afternoon Collection

 or the return of the magic of the old Rare with Yooka-Laylee have undoubtedly helped to lead the genre in the front line of today. As we already knew a


few months ago, Microsoft has endeavored to return to the order of the day several licenses that, although tiptoed by the general public, managed to make a small hole in the hearts of fans of the brand.

Voodoo Vince: Remastered has had the opportunity to release this small -apriority of face washes with a view to calar both new generations and those who



did not miss their original launch back in 2003. The next month of October will be fulfilled fourteen years of


the event for the original Xbox in Europe , more than enough reason to remember it in its best version. In a remasterización of this type usually generate


doubts own of a game with so many years behind his back. Age takes bill in different ways; Fortunately for those interested in him, Voodoo Vince keeps the type well … with nuances.

Voodoo Vince: Remastered (XBO) screenshot

The Vince Blues

At all times we control Vince , a rogue voodoo doll that comes to life after the abduction of its creator at the hands of the evil Kosmo.


We must undertake in their search through the different corners of a distorted New Orleans while we solve the obstacles that will be found in our


path, both in the form of enemies and puzzles. The development is divided in small levels where the objective, in its majority, consists in solving an event by means of the interaction with the scene, advancing like this towards the following screen.

These misfortunes in the journey of the protagonist will even lead him to become the key that allows completing tasks. Being a simple straw doll with arms and legs, the possibilities are very varied; To set ourselves on fire to explode a couple of


petrol pumps with bad milk and even become a master of the Jazz are just some of the examples that we will experience in the first person.


Throughout the game, how could it be otherwise, we will enjoy a great presence of the platforms from the level design itself, but the result leaves us with a bittersweet taste.

Voodoo Vince: Remastered (XBO) screenshot

They are not extremely complex or elaborate, in fact they are kept in a low profile for what should be a title of these characteristics. They follow patterns that make deploy the much needed verticality, but that, at the same time, leave no room for surprise .


As soon as you reach the level and with only a quick glance you can clearly extract the way to solve the puzzle and that is that the game pushes you too easily to the different objects or places necessary to find the solution. One way to squeeze each of the


screens would be to include useful collectibles for Vince’s development, but unfortunately that’s not the case either; They are about to make an appearance, but they do not contribute anything of the other world.

In their favor it can be said that the experience becomes quite entertaining , but it may not be enough to satisfy the neophytes of the genre.


This lack of difficulty extends to other fields of Voodoo Vince: Remastered, as is the case of combat. We can finish the enemies with two basic actions: punch or swirl attack.


These two have to add a headbutt that we will perform while we are in the air, and the jewel in the crown: the special voodoo attack. Of limited use and previous load through the collection of the objects that drop the defeated enemies,


Vince will be able to unleash his spiritual powers to end all the adversaries around him.Its scope is limited, but the destruction it will cause is undoubtedly very rewarding. We will be able to obtain new powers with the obtaining of small purple


vessels that we will find by the levels, although the changes in their great majority are merely aesthetic. At our disposal thirty different animations will be available upon discovery.