The shadow of David Lynch continues to bathe with his narrative legacy. The author has influenced many artistic representations, evidently, such as movies or TV and of course video games were not going to be less. Virginia plays with everything known within her


imagination, the symbolism is present and the temporal ellipses take on a new level. The debut of Variable State transports us to the interior of a perverse psyche enclosed in a dizzying spiral of FBI agents, night terrors and red cardinals.

The red cardinal is an animal so territorial and aggressive that sometimes he gets to confuse his own reflection with a rival to shoot down.


Putting ourselves in situation. Virginia tells the events collected in a police record in the early 90s . Anne Tarver and Maria Halperin are


responsible for taking us by the hand by a strange story that revolves around the disappearance of an infant, dressed with personal plots of both protagonists. Soon we will realize that the leitmotiv is diluted giving way to unexpected plot twists ; and here we can write without entering into direct destripes.

Virginia (PC) screenshot

The title uses the filmic language to tell a story but without leaving aside the own one of a video game, which it does frankly well. Its anamorphic format 2: 35: 1, the classic


CinemaScope devised by Century Fox at the end of the golden age of cinema (1950), could be an attempt to justify the black bands that were so much


criticized in the past with other titles, but There is an even larger framework that collects the ingestion amount of references to the seventh art and embellish this and many other artistic decisions.

The inherent ellipses are the main resource to lead us through history.


This is something that we already saw in Thirty Flights of Loving and that they do not hide in the credits as main influence. At all times we will play a film montage , with all the whims that this keeps.


The temporary jumps will arrive in an abrupt and unexpected way getting, on the one hand, to focus our attention and of course to speed up certain passages and on the other play with our curiosity.


After succeeding one of the above will have the unstoppable need to know where we are and how much time has gone by, with the only possibility of moving forward or look behind our backs, achieving that at certain moments we discover some other gratifying secret.

Virginia (PC) screenshot

The allusions to the seventh art do not lie in the pure technical section, Virginia exudes Lynch influence for each of its pores .


Symbology plays a very important role when it comes to understanding the inner world of the protagonist. The story looms over us soft, like the feather that falls from the bird, to end up clamping its claws hard on our skin dyeing everything red.


Twin Peaks may be the main and most notable reference but the truth is that we also find traces of Mullholland Drive or Lost Highway , maintaining the constant allusion to the “duality” in the characters. Dreams will play a fundamental roleto understand the fears and the North American indigenous culture will be progressively rooted in each section of history.

Maybe we can frame the title in the Walking Simulator genre. There are no puzzles or dialogues, the adventure is a concatenation of scenarios with


seemingly sequential development and guided scenes of little interaction or available actions. All this with a visual work very well carried out, once again


a title that does not stand out for its technical but artistic section , highly saturated colors, such as shrieking to evoke us that era that saw the birth of TV series of the 90s with great intensity .