The armor worn by Sam is capable of emitting a devastating propulsion, so much so that, after a few moments, ours is forced to slow down to allow the exigent to recover an optimal temperature. On this swinging pace of speed and moments to take breath revolve Vanquish’s shootings , subdivided into absolutely linear, unassuming or secret pathways, which are what we could basically define as corridors without great alternatives.

It’s interesting to play today at Platinum Games because it forces you to re-evaluate today’s frenzy, where gamers and developers are pursuing and promising endless worlds and a limitless number of activities to accomplish. instead Vanquish compel Sam, and whoever is on the other side of the screen, think fast, invent alternatives of approach to the enemies, punishing the explosion of our hero.

In this, it helps the bullet time that is activated by aiming for a contextual motion action (a sliding, overcoming a shelter, dashed sideways with a goat), or when critical hits are received and, for a few seconds, the time slows to allow Sam to reposition and re-evaluate the bullet hell that is inevitably faced. In this sense the idea is to overheat the armor even at the end of the bullet time, because it forces not to rely too much on the armor technology, but on the other hand, to place it organically in the action where, between a shootout and the ” other, you can rely on the shells in full styleGears of War (by the way, the era is that). Fast but not stupid But Vanquish


it’s not a slippery simulator, so Sam Gideon can count on an arsenal of all respect. Eleven are the fire guns that the BLADE, a super technological device capable of replicating any existing weapon, can put it in the hands of the player. It goes from classical gunshot rifles, assault rifles, heavy machine guns and precision rifles to much more cumbersome and / or technology weapons such as launchers, launchers, but also a powerful laser that exploits the energy of the suit to shoot.

Along with two types of grenades, this is a selection that we certainly can not define very original, but it is interesting to manage them.

You can only carry three weapons at a time, and each time you collect a weapon of the same type ammunition increases as usual,In the general frenzy, therefore, from time to time you have to stop for a moment to think about which weapon to move behind, preferring a boost (between loader capacity, speed of fire, damage, etc.) or the practicality of a rifle with respect to and another. 

It shoots fast but not brain driven, even because the levels, while not offering any freedom of exploration, from time to time change register, going to review the player’s approach. In Vanquish alternating dark areas, large areas with myriads of enemies and few repairs, narrow corridors to face giant robots, and much more. Gaming is always the one, it is the way it is implemented and how the player interprets it to make a difference.


Everything is enveloped in a plot that, as it is then, does not shine at all for originality or involvement. In a less specific fight for energy resources, Sam Gideon finds himself struggling in the midst of a much wider struggle between the United States and Russia, governed by a despotic armor that, together with other various robots , from time to time he will also be the protagonist of some of the boss fight of the game.

Vanquish’s plot , unlike his gameplay, is rudeness and inconclusive, but the events of the game are exaggerated and galvanizing, as Platinum Games has used us for so many years to this part. If Bayonetta was a great gameplay, combined with beautiful characters and an iconic folklore and all in all inspired,Vanquish is a pure gameplay, the best show of a third-person shooter still unbeaten for so many years to this part.

Clean and chrome On the PC, thanks to the apparent superiority of hardware,Vanquish is really another game compared to its appearance on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The years have passed, it is true, and it is seen above all from the textures that are in the foreground in the eye that, having not received any kind of special treatment, they spit the nose. What is exalted is the release of resolution, but above all the frame rate. I played in Vanquish