Valve updated Steam Experimental News Center – review

Back in early March Valve released an experimental news center Steam, which has now received an update in preparation for a full launch.

Recall that in the news center, users can view content related to updates, announcements and events from the games they play and that interest them.

Developers have simplified navigation and access to various newsgrouping templates, updated the game news center and added a separate section for upcoming events.

Also in the news center appeared section “Popular”, which includes publications from 100 of the best-selling games on Steam. In the future, this section will include popular events from a wide variety of games and events hand-picked by the Valve curators team.

In addition, developers are working to improve the compatibility of the news center with mobile devices. The authors plan to add a new navigation mode to switch between sections, quick access to search for games and more convenient mobile formatting.

The Steam News Center can be found here.

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