Valve is already thinking about creating a successor to the yet unreleased Steam Deck

In an interview with the portal Rock Paper Shotgun designers Steam Deck Greg Coomer and Lawrence Young shared some technical information and thoughts on the handheld console.

First of all, the idea of ​​creating such a device has been discussed for a long time, but Valve was only interested in a gadget capable of running all games from the library Steam… Therefore, the Steam Deck was originally conceived as a portable PC, and not just a handheld with its own characteristics.

Since the hardware is improving every day, the company is already discussing the possibility of creating a successor. Valve is delighted with the enthusiastic reception of the yet-to-be-released console, so it truly believes that such a product will be in demand for years to come.

In terms of performance, the company is already in talks with developers to optimize games for the needs of the Steam Deck. So far, the goal is to achieve a frame rate of 30 FPS, although it is clear that this figure will vary depending on the specific game.

The same can be said about connecting the console to a TV or monitor – it is technically capable of displaying a picture in 4K resolution, but acceptable performance will be possible only in the most graphically simple games.

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