Up for the tube

Merit above all of the pleasant soundtrack signed by the former Rare David Wise, but also of a graphic that never skimped on the colors and that in HDR gives bright glimpses to admire between a puzzle and the other.


The environmental puzzles are in fact the fulcrum of the experience, along with the element represented by the many collectibles, but in this case the developers have focused on something different: the problems to be solved are not so much in the levers to pull or mechanisms to activate , but rather in the peculiarities of the character we control.


Noodle, like a good snake, can not simply move and jump to reach the three colored stones that determine the completion of each of the fifteen levels that make up the campaign, but must proceed to zigzag,


roll around the bamboo structures in the scenarios and try to do not fall into the void to achieve your goals. An enterprise far from simple, which in the most advanced stages assumes the connotations of a real hard work, a factor that also influences


the duration of the adventure: if you are lucky and proceed with great careers, regardless of orb and coins , you can reach the epilogue in three or four hours; where instead you have some difficulty in overcoming certain steps or you want to collect everything that the game has to offer,

Snake Pass is a colorful game and in many ways innovative, but also frustrating and a bit short


The control system developed by the developers reflects the peculiar nature of the protagonist of Snake Pass: keep the backbone R2 allows you to crawl forward, but the maneuver is ineffective if you do not use at the same time the left analog stick to zig zag, thus allowing the character to leverage his own body to give himself a boost.

Up for the tube

Pressing X you can raise your head, a fundamental movement when you have to weave around a structure that we have the task of scaling, while acting on the backbone L2 allows you to stiffen after a twisting to gain ground laboriously under a complex climb.


The Triangle button quickly recalls (but often misfires) the small Doodle because we lift the tail if necessary, perhaps when we are dangerously slipping into a chasm because of disadvantageous counterweights, while the pressure of the R1 backbone allows to move from a view more close to a more distant one.


Unfortunately, this option does not solve a series of flaws that involve the camera, freely adjustable through the right stick but so reluctant to accompany our action to put us in great difficulty


when we are tight against a pole and we would change the angle of view, only that by doing so we could lose contact with the structure and fall. For this and other reasons, success


in Snake Pass is often a child of luck, speed and unscrupulousness, for example when you throw your head down on a tube well knowing that we could slip, but finding enough inspiration to reach the desired point.

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The thirty-four Snake Pass trophies are obtained not only by completing the four areas of the campaign, but also by using a special skill that is obtained at the end of the story, using a hundred times the help of Doodle and collecting an increasing number of objects.


The trophy titled “Snake? SNAKE? SNAAAAKE!”, Which could be obtained by dying in a certain circumstance, has definitely made us laugh.


Collecting the three colored stones present in each stage and placing them at the main portal proves to be a more difficult task, as the progress of the campaign becomes progressively wider and more complex, full of traps and moving platforms, as well as elements that


characterize the four different areas of Haven Tor: the land, the ponds in which to immerse themselves, the rivers of lava from which to stay distant and the gusts of wind that make it even more difficult to overcome certain passages.