Unturned devours all

At first glance it is difficult to understand why so successful, but playing a little ‘and deepening its gestation are clear what are its strengths compared to direct competitors: great support from the developer, who has not been wrong so far a blow, and a terrifying technical side,


which allowed the addition of additional content at great speed.Yes, being the cubitious and hyperstitized graphics, creating objects did not prove to be a problem. Probably adding up all the 3D objects of Unturned do not get the polygons that make up a single character of a triple A medium. It matters little,


because what for other titles would be a colossal defect, for a free game that campa of his community turned out to be a turning point. If you want we can add the great voluntary contribution given by the modders (currently the Steam Workshop contains thousands of


additional content), accused and encouraged to be able to realize their ideas in lightning fast times, and you will understand why a title apparently without quality is among the products more in view of the PC scene.


As already mentioned, Unturned is a survival. Let’s say better: it’s the shameless copy of Dayz. But we had already said this. So starting a game you find yourself alone in the chosen map and you have to do all those typical actions of the genre: you start looking for an urban area or a site of any kind, then we are dedicated to the exploration of the area by looking for material good to help us in the only goal we have: survive.

The zombie apocalypse has reduced the world to a ruin. Above all, he has filled it with slobbering creatures who consider us itinerant Florentine. Fortunately, Unturned’s zombies are particularly stupid: they stand still and use their brains to a minimum


(and the stealth system), eluding them is not that difficult. In fact, they are all too dazed and their complete lack of activity, verses from zombies apart, makes the game world … dull. Joking aside some movement patterns, even very simple, would not hurt him. Obviously when they identify us they become animated and become very dangerous, also because they are unusually fast. In these cases there are only two possibilities: escape or struggle.


To choose the second one must necessarily be armed. Stopping a horde zomb with punches is not easy. Guess what? Weapons are found in homes, but for the best you need to venture up to military infrastructure, usually the most protected areas.


Until now, graphics aside, Unturned seems to be the survival type … rest assured, even going forward remains so. Collecting objects and learning to take advantage of the various tools available around you can build a bit of everything: weapons, armor, a base and so on.

Unturned devours everyone

You can even build an aircraft that allows you to flit freely for the maps, at least until you are killed or you do not finish the fuel. There are literally hundreds of items in Unturned to collect and use for crafting. This is certainly the best part of the game, the one that is less affected by the conceptual debt with the other survival.


Unturned is playable in single player (you choose a map and try to survive as long as possible), but it gives the best of itself in multiplayer. That is, it should give its best, but as always happens in these cases, being able to enter such a sedimented community is the most difficult part of the “gameplay”. Unfortunately we are talking about a title with already three years on the rump. What does it mean? It means that many have downloaded, tried, played and maybe abandoned.


Those who remained are the most passionate players: those who know every aspect of the game and who, above all, have now become a group.


If you have ever read about other survival you should have already understood what happens regularly on the servers: the novice is identified and massacred without mercy by veteran players armed to the teeth, who enjoy killing him just for the sake of it (they certainly do not need of his objects).


In the worst cases he is left with some time to prosper, but when he thinks he has succeeded in something, that is when he has collected a lot of material and has built a seemingly solid base, here is a punitive expedition that immediately puts him back. in line).


Unfortunately, there are also many cheaters around, so it is often impossible to hide and the gaming experience becomes frustrating. It looks like virtual bullying, and indeed it is, but nothing can be done.