Ultimate General: Civil War

Artwork Game Labs cool like a game of soldiers, only a large-scale and thorough.

Key modes have two strategies: it is possible to participate in individual battles or go through the campaign, illuminating the entire course of the war – the capture of Fort Sumter to the victories of generals Sherman (William Sherman) and Grant (Ulysses Grant). But what mode or choose, you must first decide on the party to the conflict – we control the Union (North) or Confederation (South).

Soldiers of the last well-motivated, but always in the minority, and the northerners, despite the numerical advantage, often prefer not to his chest in the crosses, and head into the bush. That, in general, more or less corresponds to the situation at that time.

In addition to the flag is important in chief specialty. Tactician gets an additional division, led by strategist troops quickly gain experience and tylovikov better equips soldiers with supplies.

However, after the first battles it becomes possible to change the skills in either direction – at the expense of points awarded for success. For example, we had a general supplier, and we told him further exploration and support morale slapped.

The same is with the commanders of regiments, divisions and corps, which you can recruit in-game currency in the academy and train as they gain combat experience.

But not uniform officers – in the Ultimate General: Civil Warpay attention and care about the army. During the lulls between battles the game offers to create new shelves, buy weapons for the infantry, cavalry and artillery. There are almost all “firearms” model Civil War in the United States, including, it is difficult to believe the modification.

But here’s the catch: expensive rifle can be accurate, but completely useless in melee, but grandfathers musket for a couple of bucks is extremely effective as a melee weapon.

However, the money obtained for the next battle, never short of a full re-equipment, and expensive “trunks” in the store – one, two and obchelsya.

Fortunately generated manually shelves and even housing have little impact on the balance sheet. After all, what is the background to the two thousand twenty? It’s more pleasant bonus than a lifeline.

Ultimate General: Civil War Game Review

A new infantry regiment need a thousand rifles, and in such numbers – consumer goods only.


All ingenious is simple

Best of all Civil War reveals itself with tactical side. At your disposal are four kinds of troops: infantry regiments, infantry battalions, cavalry, and artillery batteries. And all of its divisions morality performance, experience, and, depending on the weapons – and overall efficiency.

On the battlefield, troops completely in your hands. Light stroke outlines the cursor to maneuver them, builds go from step to run, rush to the attack or held by order of occupied position, the riders dismount to assist the infantry, but for a flank attack again saddled horses on batteries.

Disposition is better to choose efficiently, because the forest or at home give a bonus to the protection and secrecy, and the hills opens space for the Gunners.

The vitality of an event adds a force majeure like bullets ended (in this case there is a van with ammunition), the demoralized retreat firing regiment or deserters fleeing from the battlefield. However, the gameplay is limited maneuvering and exchange of lives on the winning tactics at a favorable rate.

Digging trenches, laying of railways, construction of bridges, as well as the engineering troops, not here. But there is a chance to play, incurring very heavy losses or not completing the task.

Artificial intelligence that controls the enemy, too, does not give bored. It will undertake to push the line of defense from the flank, on the contrary, out in the dead of defense.

For a sweet soul destroying abandoned without defense guns, gunning for baggage and severely punishes stupid cavalry attack.

And sometimes – quite lively cautious. For example, in an episode of the campaign, which covered the crossing of the Union troops across the river Rappahannock opposite Fredericksburg.

How many in the Confederates, they do not know why, in spite of the enormous superiority in numbers, attacking rather sluggish and often use guns. The way the game authors have found a balance between the historical facts and the work of the algorithm, is admirable.