Ubisoft shared plans for the fourth year of support for Honor – review

Developers from Ubisoft in outline told about what Year of Reckoning will be like – the fourth year of support For honor, – and also promised to share its details in January.

There will be four seasons in the new year, during which the For Honor roster will replenish with two new heroes: they will be added in the second and fourth seasons. According to the authors, each season will have a different theme, awards and events.

During Year of Reckoning, the annual pass will be replaced with a combat pass and changes will be made to the progress system. If now only random items and boxes are given as a reward after the battles, then after adding a combat pass at each of its 100 levels, you will be able to see what you unlock during the game.

The combat pass will consist of two parts. Each player will be able to receive rewards from the free part, and unique cosmetic items will be waiting for the owners of the premium part. The authors note that you do not need to buy a combat pass to access a new hero and that both of its parts will include rewards for all heroes.

In addition, in the fourth year, the developers intend to improve the balance and increase the effectiveness of the heroes so that the teams of more experienced players become more diverse. Finally, the authors want to pay even more attention to the competitive element of the game.