Game Pass or xCloud on Switch? Microsoft and Nintendo are preparing a joint surprise for the fall

Months ago Phil Spencer appeared on one of his broadcasts from his home, placing a Kojima Productions mascot figure on the shelf behind next to the logo Xbox as well Nintendo Switch… Users found this curious, since earlier a top Microsoft manager hid the Xbox Series S console in the same way in plain sight before its official announcement.

After that, the journalist Jeff Grubb stated that the items that fall into the frame from the streams with the head of the Xbox, including the Switch, are placed there for a reason and may be references to potential deals, and now fuel on the fire added XboxEra Podcast Insider and Host Shpeshal ed… Previously, he correctly leaked the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake to PS Plus and predicted the purchase of Gearbox by the Embracer Group, and now hinted that Microsoft and Nintendo are preparing some kind of joint surprise for the coming autumn

“It looks like the cat got out of the Nintendo and Xbox bag. Find out more this fall.”

The insider did not reveal any specifics, which naturally led to a huge number of very different theories. Popular speculation is that Microsoft wants to bring services to Switch. Game pass or xCloud, while others believe that it may be about the release of another Microsoft game on the Nintendo hybrid, for example, a compilation Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which was also rumored earlier.

In any case, while the fans have to wait for the official news and ponder what the two platform holders can prepare.

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