Full of interesting stories and tough decisions behind the adventure, but the question remained unanswered. If you do not follow the information on Tyranny, the phrase

“What if Evil Won?” Is likely to associate you with the grotesque evil lords (see. Dungeon Keeper and Overlord), sits on the throne of the Emperor of all the known world.

But Tyranny is not about that. of course, the lord of Kairos (it is called here the man, the woman, and in fact – is not known, and this is not a dig location, although it it deserves, but on another occasion) good man will not name, but whether Russia became an empire evil after Ivan Grozny massacred in Veliky Novgorod?

Have the United States claim her After being wiped two Japanese cities, villages, including women and children?

When creating a character, we need to decide on its previous history. Already here it is clear that the game is very closely related to the player’s decisions.

Tyranny is not about absolute pure evil with horns and hooves, its name is much more accurately reflects the essence of the game than the advertising slogans and Paradox Obsidian. Yes, evil triumphed, and the evaluation of the moral qualities of his former opponents has no one cares. He defeated a tyrant. The objectives of this despot is not fully clear: obviously Kairos just wanted to (a) the subjugation of the entire Terratus, simply because … he could do it. Motivation is so-so, but doubt the intentions of the lord – a terrible crime. You – a servant of justice perverted understanding, a kind of field-judge, Executor – to accompany his army in the conquest of the last independent areas on the outskirts of the empire evil ruler. The so-called tiers.

Yes, evil triumphed, and the evaluation of the moral qualities of his former opponents has no one cares. He defeated a tyrant.

This campaign is going on behind the scenes, and its events become a part of your history, a set of variables that characterize your arbiter of better than numbers, defining its attributes and skills. Tyranny – one of those-RPG, that weave out of your small and large solutions this web. What army do you have helped in the capture of the city? As reasoned debate between governors lord? Do your opponents condemned to a cruel death? The game has not really started, and the world is ready to warmly remember your diplomatic efforts or cursing your name for the unimaginable atrocities.

Experience Pillars of Eternity was not in vain: Let the locations are smaller, but the game itself is short, it looks juicy, and any technical issues are missing. Times when Obsidian produced raw game, apparently, in the past.

Character generation is finished, Tiers captured, but not conquered: here and there there are pockets of instability. At this time very seriously.

Two army ruler – Disgraced and Crimson Chorus – simply can not cope with the rebels. Kairos is tired, so he sent you to the out-of-control area with his edict. Edict – powerful spells, perhaps even curse, incredible in its destructive power of weapons. You arrive at the place for you collapses the tunnel, the area is cut off from the outside world. In general terms, the edict is: do not grab the next few days, the stronghold of the rebels, all of you here to kill.

Die really everything literally, rebels, soldiers lords, his archons (the greatest magicians, something like the boyars ministers generals), the locals and you, the usual doer, which is only guilty of

Here it is – a tremendous evil, an amazing desire at all costs to suppress the rebellion, even if it will have to pay for the lives of two of their most important employees and their soldiers. Kairos discourages looters in the ranks of their armies, not throwing lightning for no reason not rape the girls (or young men – God knows who that Kairos actually), but if he will impose the edict, you had better be far away from the cursed ruler of a place .