Anfisa Chekhov opened her bathrobe and showed that underneath

The well-known Russian presenter Anfisa Chekhova (Alexandra Korchunova) decided to open her robe in front of the fans in new frames in order to open them an overview of herself almost without anything. Fans of Chekhova were extremely pleased with what they saw.

According to, Anfisa Chekhova showed new pictures on her Instagram page. The hostess threw on an open dressing gown, and put on display everything that was under him. Anfisa Chekhova herself wrote that the fans probably missed her photographs of this kind, and also noted that she didn’t think prudent on this subject and would continue to upload such photos, because it brought her special pleasure. Leading fans appreciated the new frames, and soon the publication of Chekhova gained tens of thousands of likes.

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Publication by Anfisa Chekhov (@achekhova)Dec 20, 2019 @ 2:56 am PST

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Publication by Anfisa Chekhov (@achekhova)Dec 9, 2019 at 8:46 pst

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Publication by Anfisa Chekhov (@achekhova)November 14, 2019 at 5:09 PST

Fans bombarded Anfisa Chekhov with a variety of compliments, but were upset by the fact that Chekhov was depicted alone in all such pictures. Many asked Chekhov to change the category, and in the following publications to upload pictures of herself completely without anything. Some even drew attention to the unusual lamp in the hands of the host and the exotic surroundings in the background, and felt that this is what Princess Jasmine should look like in the adaptation of Aladdin. Other users wrote that Chekhov was a “real minx” and that now they fell in love with her completely.

Currently, Chekhov is the host of the show “Weighted and happy people” on the STS channel, and is also engaged in blogging and advertising, reports.