Actual platform: the PC , put a hand to many cult RPG, knows this firsthand. And that’s why almost all their games allow for a bad act. But even they, and their colleagues “evil” is usually limited to rudeness in the dialogues, the refusal to spare some big shot or unwillingness, for example, to help the grizzled elder to look for his missing staff in the cave – for a change, you can kill him and leave bagatelle currently.

To act as a true villain there are allowed, but in some local situations and within. At the same time we still have to make its way from rags to riches, to save the world and feel the last hope of humanity. Well, or evil show in burlesque vein as it was, for example, Dungeon Keeper and Overlord

save the world, cut off the heads of the dragon, the horn grind demons, take out of the fire pretty princesses and all we have to do good so often that it is boring. Veterans of the genre from Obsidian Entertainment

. And in Tyranny almost the first time in the role-playing genre Obsidian was able to go beyond these limits – really, really angry, you can be here all the time, and not just for fun, but only for ideological reasons. And work.

Tyranny обзор игры

“Kraft” and enchant items in the game, but there are very interesting spells constructor.


“The law – it’s me!”

Nowhere to break into Tyranny is not necessary. We initially playing for the official, endowed with immense power – for the Arbiter, a kind of prosecutor in the service of the tyrant (or tiranshi Even the locals do not know for sure?) Kairos, who keeps a tight rein on vast empire.

We sent one of its remote and still not conquered corners to announce the occupation forces Kairos magic edict of the tyrant. If the resistance is not broken, then all will be lost.

If you think that this is just a primer for further insight and heroic overthrow the tyrant, you are mistaken. Kairos can go against, and we can try to be as peaceful, but it is only one of the scenarios.

No one will disturb you, on the contrary, as much as possible to remain faithful to the tyrant. And even in the more or less “good” version of the story without blood, killings and lesser evil can not do.

Our hero from the very first minutes of opening any door with his foot, is rude to the powers expressly or so looking at them, that those are starting to shake hamstring.

He immediately free to do what he wants – to execute, to pardon, to make very tough and cruel decision to force the captive allegiance to sign to kill their own relatives, to burn the village to help any one faction, make alliances, and then bring them to or pitting former allies.

Power, as expected, is intoxicating and makes even those who always prefers to RPGs seek peaceful solutions to problems, to drop all restraint and to unleash his own demons.

Say, finally I can revel in full, so as not to look shameful compromises, and just beat hamovatyh interlocutors foot in the stomach, the execution of those who looked askance, plugging and even kill their own teammates (not all, though), if they do something or then stir.

And to solve the dilemma in the spirit of “just let the person with a message to your enemies or to push him a little note in the mouth and push from a high tower?”. , So to speak, the message received in full and bright “tride” …

Tyranny обзор игры

In between battles, our hero can use a carrier pigeon and maintain an interesting correspondence with important characters.


New sad world

All this obscurantism is largely due to the world in which the unfolding events of  Tyranny . Your companions with a straight face can talk about how to have died or committed suicide their children as they set the entry into force Kairos cut half of their own village or how to use the magic of his father forced to commit suicide.

Another example – initially you will be traveling fierce warrior Scarlet Choir and encased in armor soldiers disgraced.

This two hating each other fraction displaced by tyrant will cooperate. And relate to each other, respectively, these characters are – despite the fact that they are … siblings.

However, you are, I repeat, you can try to keep a human face, even in the midst of this orgy of evil, look for some peaceful solutions, mercy, and look up words in the dialogue, fighting the temptation to kill, execute, rude and generally act very harshly and brutally (although it is to this decline and the logic of the game itself, and especially its universe).