Turok returns, now in HD

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is not just any game. It is one of those first-person shooters that served to make muscle if in 1997 you had a Nintendo 64.


The game developed by Iguana and published by Acclaim – one of them tears to see their logos at the beginning of the title – had the difficult ballot to compete with Goldeneye as a reference FPS on the Nintendo console. Both came out the same year,

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

first our dinosaur hunter, and both had a great reception, although it is fair to admit that the title of Rare has gone down in the annals of history as one of the


best games ever. In any case, the first-person genre that had always been the private preserve of the PC was beginning to show on consoles, and Turok was one of the best examples to follow (it also came out compatible).

The first of the deliveries was an events. Graphically it was an impressive title for the time and its gameplay, pure arcade, made it one of the favorites of Nintendo 64 users. It sold 1.5 million units and became a franchise with several subsequent installments. Probably the most remembered by many was Seeds of Evil and some of its new features like that wonderful Cerebral Bore.


Little by little the saga was losing bellows, especially with the generational jump, until being forgotten. Until today, that comes to Steam from the hand of Night Dive Studios who have wanted to keep the essence of the game intact with some very slight improvements in the graphic section.

Turok Remastered (PC) screenshot

Barely occupies 200 megabytes, logical considering that we are before a remaster, and all the hallmarks of the original delivery remain intact. In fact, as we said, the first mythical logos of the time of the 32/64 bits give way to that camera that was going up while showing us our favorite dinosaur hunter. We started the game and the action with it, without cinematic


or anything like that. That’s how Turok was and that’s the way it is maintained. Those who have played will see that this is a game for which they


have spent the years in some things, and not only in the visual, and maintains strengths that games in the first person do not have today. Those who do not know what is going on is not a bad idea, if you forgive the mistakes, to try something that is quite different from what we understand today by FPS campaign.

The search for the keys is our main objective and its development – we only have an indicator that tells us how many keys to open the X level portal


we have achieved – is at the expense of what we decide to do. Nor do you need to scare anyone, we simply go through areas with enemies and platforms that we have to overcome until we find these keys. Many of them, by the way,


more hidden from the account and that are not precisely in obvious places that we visit. All this is done at a frenetic speed. The title has arcade soul of the FPS of the nineties and it shows from the first moment: we will have the feeling that Turok is running without rest at full speed while attacking enemies from all sides.