I would do it fully if 2Dark did not present certain design errors that make it less attractive. Its premise, the idea of ​​going out there in search of kidnapped childrenby authentic psychopaths I find it disturbingly fabulous; is not something that is seen


every day in the world of video games and, to make matters worse, the Gloomywoodteam has no qualms about showing this issue with a leve


l of cruelty without equal. It is not that you are going to hit jumps of pure terror, neither is that sought, but in one way or another, it manages to disturb; It disturbs your mind with scenes and dramatic moments that are pure gold.


This is precisely one of the reasons why right now I am writing these lines with a bittersweet feeling. I can only applaud the theme and the dark setting for which 2Dark bet, no matter how much of its scenarios are based on prototypical locations s


uch as an abandoned amusement park or even a dreary orphanage. There is a great attention to detail; you feel inside a deranged, inhuman world, in which each step you take leads you inexorably to the worst of your nightmares.


And this is an incredible feeling. When in the middle of your research you hit a trackor incriminating evidence that relates the misdeeds of the insane people you hunt … well, there have been times when a chill has run through my body. This beast is sometimes shown


this work that scares more for what counts and you live, than for the purely visual with its commitment to retro aesthetics . What’s up? That in the argument, is very irregular.



Ghosts of the past

Witnessing the brutal murder of his wife and subsequent kidnapping of his two sons, the protagonist of 2Dark has dedicated the last years of his life

to investigate the abduction of children with the hope of reuniting with his family. A story that is not original at all, it is true, but if it is well taken, it could give rise to an adventure of suspense that marks the era. It is not the c
ase. The new of Frédérick Raynal, as in the aesthetic, is marked by the chiaroscuros. The premise of which the action starts is very good, as the desig
n of psychopaths themselves , they are not the fifth essence of originality either, but they are attractive for all those crazy particularities that define them. A homicidal clown? It is only the first of a few villains that will not be easy to defeat in its territory.


2Dark analysis

Very influenced by the B-series cinema, 2Dark takes us to explore scenarios where death lurks everywhere. An orphanage? Come and see! … although you may not get out of there alive.

The problem here is that in the narrative , the story progresses in fits and starts and is, in general, too superficial. You never finish delving into the plot, most of the information comes through the loading screens, and if you look at the dialogues … we


ll, these are not especially good either. There is a lot of untapped potential in a work that, when it wants, borders on excellence; but this happens, unfortunately, very occasionally. And the same goes for telling you about its playable base. This is an adventure ofslow, deliberate stealth , in the sense that it is not enough for us to move thro


ugh the shadows to avoid the furtive glances of the enemies. Our mission is to rescue childrenwhile we give the clues that allow us to condemn


their captors, and this is carried out with great patience, studying each movement before acting. There are puzzles, exploration, some freedom of action and many traps! Obstacles that at the minimum will end our life in a terrible way. I do not exaggerate.


2Dark PC

2Dark is a video game with many chiaroscuros

2Dark is one of those video games, very old school , that punishes every error with death. Without compassion! And it does

not seem bad to me; although I do not like it so much that it bases practically all its action on the mechanics of “trial and error”. I think it takes away emotion, tension, and at times it can become frustrating. It offers seve
ral alternatives, different ways to face the challenges it proposes, either using stealth deaths, because direct combat usually leads t
o ruin, or the various resources available to the protagonist who, among other actions, can cut off the electricity supply, access secret p
assages after stealing the relevant keys, create distractions, poison food … and Whatever happens to you, because in the end, everything depends on the scenario in which you find yourself. For you to understand me, it would be something like Hitman but without so many alternatives. It is a pity.



2Dark PC

It is essential to investigate the scenarios to find the clues that will allow us to learn more about the criminals we face. Some tests are terrifying!

When you plan a great plan and escape without ending up with anyone, you feel incredibly well, but on more occasions than desired, ac


hieving this good end means suffering more than necessary; Repeat the same actions again and again until all the pieces of the puzzle come together as you expected. And it’s not fun. I repeat There is a lot of potential and great solutions to certain probl


ems, but 2Dark has a somewhat irregular level design that is not up to the largest of the genre; It combines really exciting situations with others that can be even tedious. What adds to a discreet artificial intelligencethat will take us to deal with enemies that are clumsy or easy to cheat. On some occasion I have even seen them suffer from paralysis and stay there !, the rest of the game, as if they were furniture.


Nor does its user interface , which is difficult to get used to, meets expectations. The inventory management is, to put it finely, a nonsense or, at least, a great toothache. It is hard to navigate among so many and many objects that you can accumula


te in the game, knowing that at any moment someone can catch you infraganti. Okay, yes, it’s a good way to create tension, but it does it artificially. It’s not like the original storage system, which implies that the protagonist smokes a cigarette with all the calm of the world, putting himself at risk. What can cough and give away your position!


In the end, as I said before, 2Dark is a video game with many chiaroscuro. If you give it a chance, and accept its particularities, you will enjoy the gloomy journey in which you embark, but it is easy to suffer the odd conatus of anger when things are not going well.



I think it’s an experience that fans of horror and suspense should try, although obviously it’s not an easy game to recommend. Even in the aesthetic can create feelings found with that retro style that combines gloomy scenarios, with some characters som


ewhat caricatured. In the sound, we find environmental melodies that go to the background too quickly, although the game has some other piece of high quality music. Leaving aside the discreteness of its user interface, it is appreciated that the texts have been translated into Spanish , since attending the conversations of the enemies helps in many cases to solve the tough challenges that 2Dark poses.