The most veteran probably enjoyed in the nineties the rise of the Micro Machines in the form of arcade driving titles as fun as crazy, being the V3 delivery one of the most popular for its leap to 3D. After many years without receiving a similar title, Codemasters is


encouraged to offer us a new video game framed in this genre, Toybox Turbos , maintaining the basic premises of the series from which it takes the base to offer us the most frenetic toy races on PC ,


PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 . Up to 18 tracks located in different environments of the home, 35 miniature vehicles of the most varied – such as taxis, race cars, trucks, vans, excavators, tanks, classic cars, muscle cars or monster trucks, among many others-, power- ups and local and online multiplayer for up to four playersare just a small sample of their content; let us know more about this new proposal from the creators of GRID in our analysis.

The arcade races have been leading all kinds of video games since the beginning of the medium, being the different deliveries of Micro Machines some of


the most loved among the users; and is that during the 90s we experienced a boom in the franchise in all types of platforms and increasingly polished versions that tried to bring novelties with each new iteration. After a few years without receiving similar titles and with the huge success of other great franchises in the


genre of carefree racing, Codemasters is encouraged to recover the spirit of the Micro Machines with Toybox Turbos, a casual and childish title a priori but that puts on the table -never better said- some not insignificant numbers, a simple but cheerful mise-en-scène and a direct but effective gameplay, yes, with some considerations that we will now detail.

Toybox Turbos (360) screenshot

Toybox Turbos (360) screenshot   Toybox Turbos (360) screenshot

The title does not hide its authentic personality at any time, that is, it is a one hundred percent arcade bet , without any kind of concession to realism; and is that the real protagonists of Toybox Turbos are the 35 toy vehicles that will face off in the


funniest races along 18 tracks set in different rooms of the home, such as the kitchen, a children’s room, a pool table, the breakfast table and even a laboratory or a class of a school, among other rooms. In this sense, the variety is one of its strengths,


since we must add to these circuits a handful of vehicles of all types, each with its own characteristics of speed, handling and weight, which will influence its control in full career, although yes, less than we would like.

Thanks to our victories we will get interesting prizes in the form of money , as well as during races, where we can collect good handfuls of coins to


spend on new vehicles, which will come well packaged in their respective cardboard boxes with their price. Already on the track, the sensations at the controls are what we can expect from a title of these characteristics; given its arcade nature, the control is simple and direct, so we can only accelerate, slow down and turn, and reverse in those moments


when we get stuck somewhere in the circuit. The behavior of the different vehicles will not be decisive, since the randomness will take over each race thanks to its crazy personality, although in certain moments it will influence the result, especially in the confrontations against the final heads of each championship.