Top 10 best anime genre in the opinion of American viewers

Genrecut out“in Japanese artwork in recent years has gained considerable popularity. Stories about”fellow“, finding themselves in alien worlds, are found more and more, and rarely the next season does without such anime.

On this basis, a popular American resource Otaku usa decided to conduct a large-scale survey, where users were offered to choose the brightest Isekai. The results of the entire initiative can be found below..

3 Place – The Rising of the Shield Hero Rise

2 Place – Lord / Overlord

1 Place – This wonderful world! / KonoSuba

The list of TOP-10 is as follows:

  1. This wonderful world! / KonoSuba
  2. Lord / Overlord
  3. The Rising of the Shield Hero
  4. About My Reincarnation as a Slime / That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  5. Life in an alternate world from scratch / Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World
  6. Sword Art Online
  7. In another world with a smartphone / In Another World with My Smartphone
  8. No Game No Life / No Game No Life
  9. Log Horizon
  10. Dog Guardian Demon / InuYasha

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