“Tiny” MMORPG Book of Travels will not be released in August – the game was postponed again – Igromania

Developers from Might and Delight shared bad news: “tiny” online role-playing game Book of Travels will not be released in August.
The project was announced back in 2019, and a team that released Shelter… Book of Travels is supposed to be a radical rethinking of the MMORPG genre: no explicit quests or grandiose storylines, traveling the world is like a separate story, and rare encounters with villains are truly terrible.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait until you get to know the tempting concept. The developers admitted that the decision to postpone the release of the game into Early Access was influenced by the closed beta testing. The submitted reports showed that the project is still in an unsatisfactory state.

The developers have no information on the new release date.

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