The Witcher 3 Redux mod released, reworking the combat system and improving gameplay

Gameplay has never been a strong point of games CD Projekt RED – the plot, music and locations always came to the fore in them. Enthusiast Alex Vukovich (Aleks Vuckovic) decided to polish the mechanics of the third The Witcher and developed the mod The witcher 3 redux. The other day it became available to the public.

Modification makes quite noticeable changes in the role and combat systems of the game:

• The adrenaline boosting branch opens up very powerful skills. For balance, the modder made adrenaline more difficult to accumulate and easier to lose.

• Made adjustments to the scaling of damage from Signs. Some abilities in the Signs branch have been changed or reworked. Compared to vanilla, magic has become less useful without leveling, but very strong if you put skill points in it.

• Reduced the mechanics of toxicity – now Geralt can not absorb one potion after another. The player must think about when and which elixirs to take. The potions themselves have become more effective.

Also, the mod contains a lot of small gameplay improvements and edits. Among them:

• The level of bosses always adjusts to the level of Geralt.
• Weapons wear out 25% slower than in the original.
• In the name of “laura,” silver swords were removed from random chests and an assortment of merchants — witchblades must be crafted, earned in quests, or found in “set” containers.
• Running and jumping out of combat do not consume stamina.
• Food and drinks should not be consumed during battles.
• The ability to repel arrows is unlocked by default. Shells deal triple damage.

Vukovich warns that Redux does not work in the “New Game +” mode. In addition, the mod is in the beta stage – the author intends to improve the final stages of the main campaign, as well as the gameplay in additions “Stone Hearts” and “Blood and wine”.

You can download the modification from the Nexus Mods website. To install, transfer the modRedux file to the mods folder (create it if there is no such directory).