Showman of the series The Witcher Lauren Hissrich interviewed Andrzej Sapkowski

Channel Netflix continues the advertising campaign of its future series “The witcher“. And another part of it was an interview with the creator of the book saga, Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The screenwriter and show runner of the series Lauren Hissrich talked with him.

The interview turned out to be short and rather restrained: not a single “hot” topic was touched on in it. Sapkovsky repeatedly repeated that he believes in the success of the future cinema saga, because “I’m used to judge soup not by what vegetables are put in it“. And he called his favorite story “Lesser evil“, Although he made a reservation: they are all like daughters, among them there is not the most beautiful.

During the interview, documentary shots were shown: the writer visited the set of the series, looked at the scenery, costumes and props, and also posed with “medieval” weapons.

About a trip to Hungary Sapkowski earlier already toldbut at that time called his visit to the set “his most vivid impression”DunesDenis Villeneuve. Then he said that film adaptations always come out worse than books, which is why he gives creators complete creative freedom.
You can watch The Witcher on Netflix on December 20. In the meantime we advise pay attention to the film “Half a century of poetry later” – this is “the best adaptation of the works of Andrzej Sapkowski to date and one of the largest fan films in history“.